Renegade Nuit Blanche 2013

8 renegade Nuit Blanche projects to check out in 2013

Les Rues des Refusés's guide to renegade Nuit Blanche events took a break last year, but has returned in 2013 to mark its 5th anniversary and to bring you up to speed on events happening this weekend that aren't part of Nuit Blanche's official installation list.

Stephanie Avery began her Les Rues des Refusés ("streets of rejects") project in 2008 with the help of some artist friends as a hand-crafted paper guide, and each year until 2011 it swelled in size and sweep. There is no downloadable version of the 2013 guide available thus far, but about 50 events are listed on the Refuses website. While we can't possibly share all the intriguing entries with you, here are some highlights from that list.

Nuit Blanche Renegade Parade 2013: KIGURUMI STAMPEDE
In 2012 Renegade Parade was an official NB selection, but this year the raucous, free spirited procession through the art installations is back to insurrectionist marching. You are encouraged to dress in a kigurumi, which I believe means "animal snuggie," or any other animal costume, though are offering 20% off all purchases with discount code "RENEGADE." If you miss the start of the parade, be on the watch for a roaming party featuring DJs pumping music and happy people dressed as zoo animals. Roaming, starting at the ROM crystal, 100 Queens Park 7:01 PM

Nuit Blanche Open House at Wicked Club
"I went to 2013 Nuit Blanche and all I got was this rash" — just kidding; I've never been to Wicked but I'm sure they keep things pretty sanitary in the upscale swinger's club. I mean they must, right? I just have this irrational fear of syphilis via reading too much Henry Miller as a child. There will be live body painting, a photography show, and a rope bondage expert in the club, but since cover is free until midnight, the main draw is probably just peeking inside this place. Wicked Club, 1032 Queen West 10:00 - 4:00 (free until midnight)

The Northern Beaver Gallery
If tiny objects have a huge allure for you, these art vending machines outside the Edward Day Gallery are one thing you should hit up. For $2, you can take home a teeny tiny work of art by Brandon Davis, Camilla Singh, Zanette Singh, Chuck Erlichman, Doug Paisley, Doris Purchase, Jim Houston and Kiana Browne, plus organizers Adriana Monti, Doris Purchase and curator and gallery owner Rebecca Houston. Edward Day Gallery, 952 Queen West

No Nuit Blanche
Shit Fun and Rainbow Palace are not feeling the Nuit Blanche vibe, and encourage other h8ers to come party till dawn in Kensington Market at a party they hope will feel far, far away from the ridiculous goings-on outside: their tagline is a blunt "boycott fake art with late night dance party. No Art! Entertainment Only!". O/H (Orphx/Huren) is playing live, while DJs SARIN, Lisa Mattina, Peter Venuto, and Jubal Brown will keep your negative heart bumping. Rainbow Palace, 213 Augusta Ave 11:45 - 7:00

Teeth's Ad Hack
Toronto Astral Info Pillars have been hacked by advertising-wearied hackers in the past. Now Teeth claim that on Saturday, the unsightly pillars will be "unlocked for your artistic enjoyment." They advise interested participants to bring markers and paint. Meanwhile, Teeth will also be altering some pillars herself, so be on the lookout for some street improvements. Unless you're not into that kind of thing. Various locations.

Really Really Free Night Market!
A nice, uncontroversial and family friendly renegade option (or mostly family friendly, depending on what magazines people chose to drop off), everything is free at this Dovercourt Park night market, from goods and services to surprise performances and exhibits. Think a huge swap meet with live and unplanned entertainment, and all remaining items going to charity. Dovercourt Park, 155 Bartlett Ave 7:00 - 11:00

PATPONG2000: Virtual Sex Club
While PATPONG2000 is The White House's official Nuit Blanche event, aspects of the original application were deemed "too risqué" by NB's curators. So The White House will also host Virtual Sex Club, a second renegade version of the event featuring the rejected, voyeuristic, controversial elements of the show soundtracked by industrial, EDM, techno, sludge and drone. Emad Dabiri, Mandelbrut, Dark Ages, Lee Paradise, C.Jude, and Tarantula X are all taking part. The White House Studio, 277.5 Augusta Ave

Stare. Print. Blue. - Voyeuring the Apparatus
Want to take a break while witnessing some experimental stuff? Videofag in Kensington Market will host "A slow-mo/real time/timelapsing performance-installation played by hybrid bodies, interweaving actions with mechanical and digital technology". 187 Augusta Ave, 9PM - 1AM

Check out Les Rues des Refusés for more information. And here's a handy map featuring the renegade installations.

And remember to have a look at our Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013 guide for top picks from the official projects.

Photo by Scott Snider

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