Anime North Toronto 2013

What to expect at Anime North 2013 in Toronto

Anime North 2013 draws near! Colloquially known as AN, the event is Toronto's most popular convention for the celebration of Japanese pop culture, from animation and dramas to video games and music. Those heading out to this year's two venues can expect an exciting weekend of wackiness and wonderment.

Like what, you ask? Well..


The stars come out for Anime North! Voice actors like Katie Griffin, John Stocker, Eriko Nakamura, and Ryo Horikawa will grace the scene. Expect artists Ben Dunn, Sarah McNeal, and Steve Bennett to appear alongside veteran cosplayers and prop artists Nora and Bruce Mai and Kate Daley. And while they're fighting for your attention, Kevin Lillard will be round the corner documenting the whole kerfuffle. Serenading us this year will be AWOI, Chii Sakurabi, and Umbrella, so keep an eye out for them. Finally, wrestlers! Wrestlers?! Wrestlers! David "Darkstone" Ross, Shawn Spears, Sabrina Kyle, Ross Eight-Ken, and more! Check out the full list here. Oh, and there are more, like the rock band Hoshi*Furu, aerial acrobat Miranda Tempest, and the FancyWyldDead girls, and you can find out more about them right here.


As always, one of the benefits of visiting a convention like Anime North is collecting all of the goodies that will be for sale (and on sale). The sprawling Dealer's Room will see several stores hocking their wares; local talents and amateur artists will be showing off their works all along the Comic Market, the Crafter's Corner, and the ever-popular Gallery Momiji. Also for those who want to kick their feet up, there's also going to be an honest-to-goodness maid cafe for you to enjoy, with all the proceeds spent there going to Sick Kids Hospital, so check out Cafe Delish if that's your thing.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full list of programs, which should be released soon.


By the way, events! There's going to be dance party on Friday and a Masquerade on Saturday, a speed dating service, a Sunday afternoon tea party for aficionados of Lolita Fashion, and a music video content for viewing and submission. Oh and did I mention the panels, the LAN parties and various contests, the battle chess, and the live wrestling? Because it's there. Oh yes.

Anime North will run from May 24th to May 26th. Weekend admissions are sold out, but single-day admissions are still available. Friday and Sunday admission will be $35, and Saturday admission will be $45.

Lead photo by Paul Hillier

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