Power Plant Rear View Mirror

Shot of Art: Post-conceptual works from Central and Eastern Europe

On a long summer run at the Power Pant is Rear View Mirror, a look at new works from Central and Eastern European artist that use post-conceptual strategies to challenge the artistic traditions associated with Eastern Europe. What does that mean? Well, one of the defining characteristics of the show is that it features artists who lack academic training, and whose practices could be referred to as "non-traditional." In other words, this isn't a show that's composed of neatly placed paintings every 12 inches on a gallery wall.

While sculpture — which I would most certainly call a traditional form — does make up a significant enough portion of what's on display, more contemporary elements are found in the form of video and installation pieces. Thematically speaking, the exhibition is interested in breaking down stereotypes related to the so-called Eastern Bloc by showing the diversity of the work of the region's younger generation of artists.

Rear View Mirror runs until September 5th. For more information about the show, check out the curatorial statement.


Power Plant Rear View MirrorPower Plant Rear View MirrorPower Plant Rear View MirrorPower Plant Rear View Mirror20110727-powerplant-7.jpgPower Plant Rear View MirrorPower Plant Rear View MirrorPower Plant Rear View MirrorPower Plant Rear View Mirror

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