Queen West Art Crawl to Queen East Art Brawl: The Lab Sessions 2.0

For those who've recovered from last weekend's art crawl, it's time to move it on up to the east side tomorrow night for The Lab Sessions 2.0 - the second installment in a series of interactive art parties hosted and curated by Labspace Studio.


The motivation behind creating the series came about quite simply: I grew tired of leaving art openings in the city at 9 pm semi-buzzed and wanting more. An art party makes sense. If produced successfully it becomes a living and breathing work of art where anything can happen.

Which is exactly what co-director, John Loerchner, and I had intended - a night of spontaneous performances and random happenings in an environment where the art is inextricably tied to the audience, all under the seeming guise of a kick-ass loft party.

The Lab Sessions 2.0: IDOL LOVE will feature over 20 emerging artists and musicians exploring the themes of celebrity worship, idol obsession and the growing absence of religion in contemporary culture. What to expect in a nutshell: gossip-bearing fortune cookies, curious alter egos, a flying violinist, a makeshift confessional, a toy piano serenade, video, visuals, live music and dancing.

The party begins Saturday night at 9pm at Labspace Studio, located in one of the few remaining artist buildings along the Carlaw Avenue stretch. It's only a matter of time before we're converted into swanky lofts with quasi-artsy names like The Printing Factory. Until it's time to relocate, we'll continue to step up our game here and bring you a truly unique art show, or as I'd like to call it, A Queen East Art Brawl.



The Lab Sessions 2.0: IDOL LOVE
Saturday, September 22th, 9pm onwards
Labspace Studio - 276 Carlaw Ave, Suite 202 (Queen & Carlaw)
19 and over, PWYC Cover


Visuals: Beth Biederman, Dana Cowie, Alexander Joo, Sarah Milanes, Pablo Rios, Cara Spooner/ Jared Raab/ Alicia Grant, Charlene Varanelli

Sounds: Steph Chua, Gorf, MaikĂŤ Murray Maas, Jason Steidman, Pants & Tie

Performances: Beth Biederman, Steph Chua, Hannah Godfrey, Camille Greenstein/ Kousha Nakhaei/ John Loerchner, Stacey Sproule/ Randy Gagne

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