Flickr Forum: July 6th, 2007

The blogTO Flickr Forum is a weekly dialogue for Torontonians and is based on their photographs and the stories behind them.

These intriguing images were recently submitted to the blogTO Flickr pool. The people that took the photographs have been invited to share their stories about them here.

Anyone can start! Don't be shy!

Here are some general starter questions for all nine photographers:


Where/when was your photograph taken?
Is there a story within or about your photograph?

1. Waiting by C. Moy
2. scared by explosive laughter
3. Did you say something? by ~EvidencE~

4. Lunch Break by neuroticjose
5. Gone in a flash by spinlab
6. Beater 2 by fermata.daily

7. Donnarama by Oh Lenna
8. Paladin 5.1 by JaMmCat
9. Connecting with the Fans by sevennine

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