Live Art at the Distillery District in Toronto

Live Art at the Distillery

This is part 2 in a series of profiles on live art exhibits as part of the LuminaTO festival.

Besides the many live music shows happening at the Distillery District throughout the past week, it's also been host to another type of performance: painting. Over a dozen artists and illustrators converged on the historic area of the city, contributing many diverse and brilliant works of art.

As I said earlier in the week, I think one of the most fascinating aspects of any artistic endeavor is its creation. Continue reading for a selection of before and after shots and a showcase of some of the art created in the Distillery District this past week.

Live Art at the Distillery District in Toronto

A large mural by Erica Gosich Rose, first photographed late Thursday night, shown here Sunday afternoon in its full, colourful glory amid a gaggle of LuminaTO volunteers.

Live Art at the Distillery District in TorontoLive Art at the Distillery District in Toronto

A colourful and abstract canvas by Team Macho, in its near-complete form above, is given the star treatment.

Live Art at the Distillery District in Toronto

A collaborative piece by Beata Kruszynski (left) and Hanna Barczyk (right), celebrating the Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese culture in Toronto.

Live Art at the Distillery District in Toronto

Another joint effort, this time by Michael Brodie and Michael Byers. Unfortunately, my original shot of this one was unusable, so no before/after here. I really dig the interaction between each of the artists' work here, specifically the cats with laser beam eyes.

Live Art at the Distillery District in Toronto

Hong Kong native and OCAD graduate Harvey Chan put together a beautiful, seemingly musically-inspired piece.

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