OCAD Tour de Force: My Zoo

OCAD is having its graduate exhibition, Tour de Force, this weekend from May 11th to the 13th, and I'm be previewing my four picks of the litter in the four preceding days. How do I go about choosing which exhibits to feature? Well, I've had a look over everything, and I've made my decisions based on the awesome-o scale. The science behind this scale is shrouded in mystery, though, I assure you that the science is sound.

Today's OCAD Exhibit O'the Day is Bilal Moheebulla's My Zoo. Just so we're clear on this, it isn't your zoo, it's MY zoo!

I tend to equate a trip to the zoo with that of a trip to the dentist. Both are actually ok for me, as my dentist is le rokk, and I do quite enjoy tormenting (or so I think I am) lions from across the pit they can't jump over with huge slabs of freshly butchered hunks of cow. There are plenty of "exhibits", however, that you can come across during a trip where the lion is in what appears to be a comatose state.


Makes you wonder if you're actually more bored than the lion.

Bilal's project instantly brought to mind The Sims for me. Aside from giving you quick and easy access to information on the various animals in a zoo, it also lets you upload user-captured/created content that can be access by other users.

"The Toronto Zoo experience is not only about viewing exotic animals it is also about spending time with family and friends and this is where the 'My Zoo' web site comes into play. Through the web site users can upload their pictures and videos sharing their memories of the zoo, as well as meet others who share similar interests, having personal questions answered etc. All of this enriches the user's experience and in turns strengthens the emotional bond between the tourist and the Toronto Zoo."

BTW, I'm well aware that I don't yet see any hard prototypes, and that, yes, there's information about animals already on the walls of zoos. What I'm having are visions of horses getting caught masturbating to scrambled porn and gorillas snapping their skateboards in half while grinding down some stairs and crushing their nads, but perhaps this won't become the ZooTube I envision. That would be ninjawesome, though.

Tour de Force
Friday May 11 to Sunday May 13, 11 am to 6 pm (Friday until 8 pm)
Venue: Main Campus at 100 McCaul Street, Toronto
Admission: pay-what-you-can

For more information, call the school at 416-977-6000.

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