AGO Massive Party: Red Light Special

I returned from vacation a week ago. I thought I would have a nice quiet week to adjust to flatland again. I was wrong. It's shaping up to be a busy week Tommy Ton is DJing at Tag Team Tuesday, the Fashion Cares media preview on Wednesday and Luisa Miller at the Four Seasons Centre. The first voicemail I listen to is from a coworker reminding me of the Art Gallery Ontario's fundraiser on Thursday night. Well, so much for a quiet week.

The Massive Party, the AGO's ultimate art party was held at MUZIK located on the CNE grounds. This year's theme was Red Light Special and the playful atmosphere and sensual delights intrigue guests. Artists Trudie Cheng, Dorian Fitzgerald, Will Munro, Heather Nicol, Swintak, Tino Sehgal, Wrik Mead, Emelie Chhangur, Lisa Kiss, FADO Performance Inc, and Marcelle Faucher presented performances and installations. Fritz Helder and The Phantoms provided the live entertainment and DJs were ready to start the dance floor.


I loved Heather Nicol's installation called Pick Me. It consisted of a series glowing dresses that hung from the ceiling as you arrived. My coworker was rather horrified at Will Munro's installation, Virginia Puff-Paint. It was weird but not as disturbing as Teddy Bear murder. Jeremy Laing made the costumes. Tino Sehgal's piece, the Kiss, featured two dancers reenacting some famous kisses from art history such as Auguste Rodin and Edward Munch.

Revelers enjoyed cocktails and food all night. I liked the popped cherry martinis and a pink lemonade based drink called blush. The menu was pretty ridiculous and fine food was floating around by the red shirted angels. I chowed down on the lamb chops, gnocchi and oysters but missed most of the rest of the menu. By the time that stuff made the rounds, I had planted myself on the dance floor.

The DJs played amazing music from the very start. I was impressed. I'm hoping the DJs that played will comment here and let me know their names. I was told who they were but I've totally forgotten. Fritz Helder and The Phantoms played a very tight set of electro-pop goodness complete with dancers. I went a little crazy and took a lot of band photos, but I guess that's what happens when you get so close to the action.


I danced long after my coworker left for home. The party had a great atmosphere and I talked to many friendly people having a great time. I was disappointed with the lack of standout outfits. People didn't dress poorly, but it's an art party people, go crazy. I do admit that my own cute menswear inspired babydoll dress needed to be bright and outrageous. I'm planning something better for next year.

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