For the Social Butterfly: Electrified, Sketchy Business, and Arts Vote

Image: Caitlyn Terry

For all those of you who going or not to either the TIAF (Toronto International Art Fair) or the TAAFI (Toronto Alternative Art Fair International this weekend, be aware there is still other art going on besides the two competing fairs, which are also Toronto, art, alternative (or not) and international in the city. I'll mention only a few:

Another brilliant press release. This one with the line, "Do you feel empathy for the Kitty-Cat Captain?". Tonight, Friday, Nov 10, from 6-9 pm, the installation Thicket 1: The Voyage opens at the York Quay Centre. Described as "a sci-fi narrative depicting space-time adventures in the brain of the animal spaceship", Thicket 1: The Voyage is a collaboration between Sally McKay and Von Bark, with additional protagonists by Jean McKay.

I have a Prof who once said, it's really easy to write about art you hate, and much more difficult to write about art you really like. And it's true because sometimes you like something just because you like it. Like the painting above by Caitlyn Terry--I really like it. I don't know why... because it's drippy and bouncy with an arrow and an x? Organized by Kelsie Parsons, Electrified features the work of both Caitlyn Terry and Kyle Clements, and is the christening exhibition @ Espresso etc., 350 Dundas St. W. The opening reception is this Saturday, Nov 11, 1-4 pm and runs until the 16th.

Now I'm more a scribble-on-the-corner-of-a-scrap-of-paper artist, than the sketchbook variety, so I'm always green with envy when I come across a sketchbook filled with pages of perfect process work. I have often thought that some sketchbooks would make for great shows in themselves. This Saturday from 8:30-11:30 pm, A Space Gallery holds their 2cd annual fundraiser, Sketchy Business, featuring a silent auction of selected sketchbook sketches from "your favourite artists and creative minds", too many to list here (If your favourite artist is Picasso, you're outta luck). The bidding starts at $35 and the proceeds go towards programming of A Space Gallery. @ 401 Richmond St. W., Suite 110.

Also, check out online, Arts Vote, a site local artist, Vid Ingelevics, alerted me to. Arts Vote has sent an arts related questionnaire to the many candidates running for the upcoming election, and quite a few responded. Whether you plan to vote or not, they make for a pretty interesting read (if you are an art nerd).

And I'll be at the TIAF, checking to see if "resins" are still the "latest".

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