Gallery Space: Art, Naturally.

August 10th -- this week in the Gallery Space...

Michael Taglieri and le gallery (1183 Dundas St W) present, wearing a raincoat in case it begins to rain, a photo based series in which Taglieri follows a series of figures clad in classic yellow raincoats, each set in familiar Canadian vistas. It's odd and I love it. Opens Friday and runs 'til Sept 3rd.

As usual, warm weather calls for outdoor exhibits, so this weekend, the Scarborough Arts Council presents Art Naturally. Taking place at The Guild (201 Guildwood Pkwy), this 22nd annual weekend event will draw thousands to the Bluffs to explore the pottery, paintings, photography, scultpture, woodwork and more on display.

The Art Naturally weekend also includes live music and performances along with an outdoor Short Film Festival, Al Fresco. For full details, visit

In the category of intriquing shows I'm not totally clear on, but interested in none-the-less, there's PROWL by illustrator, Jacqui Oakley. When asked for details on her show, she writes only, "It separates us from wild animals - our ability to extricate ourselves from the need to prowl. And yet, what does that absence preclude?" Opens Aug 12 and runs til the end of the month at Bobbyfive Gallery (1239 Queen St W, 2nd flr)

Of course, this month's International AIDS Conference takes centre stage in both political and art news this month. Imaginations at OCAD were certainly sparked by the conference and coming up next week, they present, Imaging Change: Creativity Responds to Children Affected by HIV/AIDS.

Imaging Change will take form as a series of events that focus attention on the plight of affected children, both here and abroad. It features their own work, writing and words (via audio). Events will also take a look at youth activism, educational strategies and creative response. Whether you're interested in exhibits, film screenings or panel discussions, there's something here that'll interest you. All events are completely free. For a full scedule, visit

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