blogTO Recommends Movies and Books for Hallowe'en

Gearing up for a spooky soiree this weekend? Need something to get you in the mood? Never fear, blogTO is here to help you scare yourself pants-less.

If you like to sit in a dark room by yourself...

I can't bear to watch scary flicks, (except Hitchcock of course), but my fellow bloggers have no such qualms.

Kate suggests Danny Boyle's recent 28 Days Later or Wes Craven's Scream.

Lily thinks Christopher Walken in Douglas Trumbull's Brainstorm could give you a more psychological thrill, as could the chilling Kevin Spacey in David Fincher's Se7en.


Matt recommends horror classics like Robin Hardy's The Wicker Man or old-school
Craven: Nightmare on Elm Street.

Dan was an extra in John Fawcett's Ginger Snaps - and if one dose isn't enough, there are a sequel and a prequel for your viewing terror.

Christine likes Ginger Snaps too, and the Hong Kong thriller The Eye from the Pang brothers (Oxide and Danny), which managed to freak her out at an 8 am TIFF screening.


Matthew has an everlasting fear of wheelchairs thanks to Peter Medak's haunted-house story The Changeling, and thinks John Carpenter's alien tale The Thing represents the last of the great horror-fx films before CGI came and ruined all the fun.

(We've also been unintentionally terrified by Sleepless in Seattle and Showgirls).

If you read by candlelight during the new moon...

Tanja doesn't watch scary movies, so suggests the classic gothic story Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley to scare the pants off Lord Byron and her groom-to-be Percy Bysshe Shelley one gloomy summer.


Both Kate and Lily find James and Deborah Howe's Bunnicula a spooky read at any age. And the book, incidentally, has been adapted for the stage and begins a run at Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People on Nov. 9th. (If you can wait that long).

Matt calls Timothy Findley's Headhunter unsettling - it's a retelling, of sorts, of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.

Matthew says Richard Matheson's I Am Legend is the original 'last man on Earth' story. He also digs Sunglasses After Dark -wherein Nancy Collins writes the leather-clad vampire badass thing.


Despite all warnings, Christine can't resist the Series of Unfortunate Events, and the dastardly Count Olaf.

Scum Manifesto by Valerie "I shot Andy Warhol" Solanas scares Lily - because of its' militant anti-male stance or because of what VS went through mentally is for her to say.

As for me? I'm not one to enjoy the anticipatory thrill of fright. I prefer Terry Pratchett's satire of all things eerie (like Death, and witches and so on and so forth). I'm more into the costumes and chocolate side of things.

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