Dead Kennedys at Wakestock

Welcome to the first of our Wakestock podcast series! First up is a quick chat with Jeff, the young and energetic new singer for Dead Kennedys and bassist Klaus Flouride! Find out what the guys thought about the festival, who their favourite Wakestock artists were and what's up next for these legendary punk rockers!

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In Recent News:

Seems like things got pretty heated after the split with Biafra. Were there any diehard fans who gave you a hard time about it?

Klaus: There were a bunch of kids who were thinking one side of the story. A lot of journalists or 'editorialists' thought one way too. These kids were making a lot of noise outside at some of our shows. So we went out to meet them and said, 'If you guys want guestlist, then fine you're on the list. Come in and hear our side of the story, find out for yourselves.' The funny thing is that Biafra used to preach 'think for yourself' and now he preaches 'think what I think'. Dead Kennedys have always been about thinking for yourself. We Never did that 'Punk Rock uniform' thing. I just wore my black leather jacket and that was the limit of it.

How'd you find your new singer? What first struck you about him?
Well first we had Brandon Cruz singing for us. It was supposed to be a one gig release party. We were practicing in LA and people peered in through the window of our studio. Pretty soon they were holding their cell phones up to the windows, word got out and it went over really well. Promoters and agents were soon coming around making offers. I didn't want anymore six week tours - only short tours like the three shows we're doing in Canada. Brandon first broke that barrier. Then he had to go back to work as a Hollywood Script Writer and back to his family life.

Jeff is a totally different character. He's twenty-six, a lot younger. He's really bright - a filmmaker too. He has his own ideas. He came in and went through our whole set nonstop and had learned from the CD. He was a friend of our manager's. Jeff seems more open if we want to travel or release the live video.

How do you feel about heading Wakestock?

We're HEADLINING a FESTIVAL! Who woulda thought?! We have a nice little warmup in London too. I love Toronto. It's always been a good place. And I love Canada... so much more... SANE.

(I also recently had a longer phone interview with Klaus for an article in Gasoline Magazine, which will be appearing soon as well.)

Coming Up This Week:
Podcasts from The Reason, Silverstein, The Salads, Ill Scarlet, The Black Maria and many crazy fans!

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