Morbio, Sketch Comedy At Its Finest

Perhaps you're familiar with the funky breakbeats of The Dirt Bike Kid, but were you aware he's a comedian extraordinaire as well? For the past few months our music and laughter loving local David Andrew Brent and friends Patrick Claus Burtscher, Steve Murphy, Mike Sullivan, Brendon Alleyne and Court Jarrell have disappeared from girlfriends and family members to rehearse a diverse and appealing Canada Day show. Receiving props from Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and Tom Greene, this jocular bunch combines improv, videos, song, dance, standup and sketch comedy.

Chuckles erupt at The Tranzac as a gruff, ear-less beaver walks onstage to complain , "The real reason I'm here is that I'm a little ticked off that you people refer to a woman's nether-regions as... a beaver...". As he's ranting, a giant smoking, drinking maple leaf walks out and starts complaining about how the beaver has ruined his "condo", leaving his kind homeless.

Steve Murphy plays the perfect Canadian Hoser hockey fan, complete with beer and mullet, coming to see the kids play even though he "has no kids... that he knows of". The crowd is in stitches.

The audience is further entertained by Court's song about Dr. Phil, a mock movie trailer for "Weekend At Pope John Paul II's" and a skit where Patrick shines as the cajoling coworker who harasses his friend about last night's wild party that he can't quite remember.

The videos were a much-anticipated part of the show as well. A documentary about the Star Wars premiere in Toronto revealed where "everyone who [wasn't] having sex in Toronto [that night]" hung out, as well as how many shameless, proud Star Wars nerds there are in the city. Another video showed antics that Tom Greene definitely would've appreciated as the guys carried a Chinese emperor through the McDonalds drive thru in Chinatown.

Admittedly, the second half of the show wasn't as dynamic and funny as the first half, but it seemed that there was always someone guffawing in the crowd. Even the transitional moments became amusing as Brendon awkwardly tried to push the video screen back up and someone yelled out, "He can't get it up!" The girls were itching for a strip show, as they called out, "Take off your pants!" Yes, everything is funny when you're really in the mood to laugh and are surrounded by such expressive comedians. It'll be interesting to see where these guys take off next, if they will become the next famous Comedians to erupt from Canada.

Audience Reactions:
"This is an amazing Saturday night!"
"Holy shit, this is a great f'ing show!"
"Wow, how did you get that video of Tom Greene giving you props?"

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Rating: 4/5
Laughter Scale:
1-I'd laugh more at a funeral
2-I smiled but I felt it was undeserving of even that
3-People were laughing but I didn't get all the jokes
4-I found myself giggling like a schoolgirl
5-My stomach aches from laughing so much. I'm awaiting the DVD.

For more info, check out http://www.morbiolive.com

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