Katie Crown, All That's Left at the Fringe

I love Katie Crown. Completely platonic, but still true love.

Why? For starters, Katie is 1001 times funnier than me (reason enough). Secondly, after spending 4 years in Radio & Television Arts at Ryerson together, we both graduated to move on to non-radio/tv 'careers'. (Here's to our fine education). When ex-profs ask why I'm not in radio anymore, i can just cry, "Katie's not in the field either! Step off!"

But after seeing her latest show at this year's Fringe Fest, I realize I should take advantage of that line now, 'cause soon, this bright up-and-coming Toronto comedian is going to have her own nationally syndicated TV show, and then i'll just be out of luck.


The Remainders, written & performed by Katie Crown & Ryan V. Hays for this year's Fringe, is currently wetting seats at the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse at U of T.

Based on characters from Katie & Ryan's improv in Catch 23, this one hour show takes the duo to new levels.

When I asked Miss Crown, recipient of the 2004 Tim Sims Encouragement Awards, what inspired her to team up with Ryan to write this act, she explained,

"Ryan and I first started performing at Catch23 Improv (Toronto's friendliest improv deathmatch) at Clinton's on Monday nights. We then started doing some writing together, after realizing we have a lot of the same humour. When the Fringe came around we were keen on seeing if we could get in -- thought it was about time more people got to see the beast that is The Remainders."

They certainly did 'get in', and after receiving stellar reviews from Eye Magazine, I decided to read up on the user reviews on the Eye site. While most thought the show was hysterical, there were a couple stragglers who just didn't 'get it'.

"Those who are confused are thinking way too much about it. Just sit back and enjoy the absurdity," says Katie.

"It's a show full of stream-of-consciousness sketch, music and audio-visual diversions in an hour-long assult. In no way is it high-class theatre... and with a few shows left, it'd be a shame to miss out on."

It certainly would, after all the Remainders are "all that's left". Catch one of the remaining shows this weekend at the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse(79A St George St. (U of T campus))

Fri July 15 - 11pm
Sat July 16 - 4pm
Sun July 17 - 1:45pm

Tickets are $8 at the door.

If you miss the show, you'll have to catch Katie with her Knock Knock (Who's There) Comedy troupe or back on stage with Ryan as part of Catch 23 at Clintons.

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