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Undergods is proof that 90's hard rock is still alive and thriving in Toronto today! Reminiscent of bands such as Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and Faith No More but with a modern day razor sharp twist. They've opened across North America and Europe but now hope to build a strong fanbase at home. With their unmitigated emotion, business sense, and energetic live performances, this shouldn't be a difficult task. On blogTO, you can hear "Screams" from their latest album U.R.G.E.

Genre: Hard Rock / Metal
Influences: Alice In Chains, Pantera, Disturbed and Faith No More

Upcoming Gigs:
Stay tuned for upcoming March/April show announcements!

More About Undergods

Band Members:
Valyear - Vocals
Troy Gregory - Bass,
Dre G - Guitar
Mr Dylan - Guitar
Mezz - Drums

Interesting Facts:
Mr. Dylan has his own recording studio in his basement where he demos and prepares new Undergods material.
Dre played his music exam at M.I.T. for Warren DeMartini from Ratt.
Mezz is such a private guy that the only things his bandmates know are what he's doing when he's with them!
Troy teaches the drummer from Goldfinger's wife guitar, as well as owns The Recording House studio in Scarborough.
Valyear has an obsessive/compulsive disorder that doesn't allow him to stay still, and he is only comfortable on stage where it is required to move constantly.

Band formation:
Valyear: Troy, Dre and myself formed UNDERGODS in April of 2000. I was in a band with them, called MOOCH for a couple months several years before we started this project, but due to scheduling and some things that were going on in my personal life, it fell apart. But I had stayed in touch with them, we were all in other bands, and then by some strange turn of events, we were all looking to start a band at the same time. I'd like to think it was fate. When we started out, we were a five piece. Troy's brother, Sean, offered to help us out until we found a drummer. His helping out turned into a five-year brotherhood that ended in August. Sean left completely 100% amicably, and has since been replaced by a new innovative and amazing drummer named Mezz. We had another unnamed guitarist that I don't really care to mention or talk about, who was asked to leave after a year of services. We remained a four piece for a long time until recently we added Mr. Dylan on second guitar, who I have known for 15 years.

Favorite places to play in Toronto:
The Opera House! Also, Club Rockitt

Wildest thing that happened at one of their shows:
One time while Valyear was on stage singing, there was a girl in the front row who kept insisting, "Give me a CD! Give me a CD!" So he jokingly replied, "If you want a free cd, then at least show me your tits. Nothing is free." Well not only did her breasts come out but so did the whole front row's! But it wasn't until the next few shows he realized the can of worms he had opened, as women constantly approached the band wanting to exchange a peek for a CD. Sex drugs and rock & roll at its finest!

Some background for one or two of their most meaningful tracks:
I love "Stance". That song is about missing somebody that is standing right beside you. You can be as close as two millimeters away from somebody; you could be in their arms and feel so distant. But that one is personal to me, another thing I overcame and grew as a person because of it.
"Slowly We Fade" is a cool tune for me as well. It's about being lied to on every level. By the people you love, the people you hate, the people you trust, the people that hold the card to your future, and even lying to yourself to get through the day. We all do it, we're all victims of it, and we all deal with it in our own way.
This song is how I dealt with it.

Other interests and pastimes when they're not rocking out:
Valyear likes to be where the action is - at clubs checking out other bands, or parties, or other types of x-rated functions.
Dre likes his TV. There isn't a show on that he doesn't watch or tape no matter how camp or dirty.
Troy has his studio.
Mezz jams with everybody, always doing something musically, whether it's with Undergods or not.
Mr. Dylan is a computer junkie. He loves his computer. When they aren't rehearsing, that's where Mr. Dylan is, on his computer.

Biggest pet peeves:
Bands on the scene that think they can treat everybody like shit. It's one thing to have a rock star vibe, but it's another to be a bunch of assholes that think they are so above you because they are the stars and that doesn't leave any room for anybody else. Fuck that, and fuck their insecurities! There is room for all of us, we're in this together, and we are all equals. We'll get a lot further if we bond. Look at Los Angeles. When glam was big, all those bands broke because they were all friends and they stuck together. Then there was Seattle, same thing. Then it happened in L.A. again with the whole "Nu Metal" movement: Korn, Coal Chamber - they all were friends and look what happened.

Favorite local bands:
The Hellz Kitchen Show, Farenheit, Damn 13, Zeroscape, EVirus, Hook, Rehab For Quitters, Ember Swift, Redeemer, War Machine, Robin Black, Endorphins

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