Podcast: Sifter

It's an exhilarating feeling when you stumble across a band with strong groovy rhythms, versatile highs and lows, echoic vocals, and catchy melodies. The latest hot ticket to come out of Toronto is Sifter. Check out "Stand Alone" from their forthcoming release.

Genre: Alternative / Rock
Influences: The best of European punk & metal with a Canadian kick
Websites: or
Upcoming Gigs: Visit their site for updated info.

More About Sifter:

Band Members:


Steve Vecchiola - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Dim - Guitar
Devon Gergovich - Bass
Vince Peck - Drums

Interesting Fact 1:
Singer/Guitarist/Keyboardist Steve plays hockey and finds time for sports

Interesting Fact 2:
Drummer Vince has a passion for breeding snakes and reptiles

Toronto, except for Devon who hails from Guelph

Fav Place to Play:
Dim: "The Vatikan it is definitely my favorite. The vibe there is exciting, there is a real scene forming of people who are interested in all the bands and music. The philosophy of the club is unique... be a good band first, put on a good show and the rest will fall into place. Some clubs get too caught up in how many people a band can draw and pay no mind to the music or the show. A true scene develops when you can consistently put on good shows and develop a sort of "trust" with the music lovers. Bands at the base level need to reach an audience that would otherwise never be exposed to their music, and having a venue that constantly delivers good entertainment creates a following that exceeds the individual artist."

What sets them apart from other bands when it comes to live shows:
We really try to engage the audience. There are distinctly different moods to each of our songs so we try and build the set in way that lets the audience feel a variety of emotions. We also try and leave alot of room for improvising so that we can really feel the crowd and create a bond where we feed off of each other.

Wildest thing that happened at one of their shows:
A very inebriated girl wearing a wedding dress got on stage with them, resulting in many Kodak moments!

Favorite foods:
beer, beer, oh and beer

Favorite local bands:
Puddy, Mastery, Cheerleadr, White Cowbell Oklahoma

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