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Their sound is described as being "undeniably heavy, unexpectedly melodic, and inconceivably new." Perhaps what makes them so compelling and dynamic is their unique harmonic trio as Shawn, Greg, and Nik blend raw screams, shadowed melodies, and intense synchronization to form one wicked force. The thunderous double guitars create a dense atmosphere for experimentation with catchy melodies, strong rhythms and interesting riffs. F'in Eh! You have to see them live to believe it! Until then, check out their single "Together" from their upcoming five song EP.

Genre: Indie Rock
Influences: Sevendust, Incubus, STP, Finger Eleven, A Perfect Circle, The Used

Upcoming Gigs:
Feb 25: Club Oasis
Feb 27: The Chatham

March 11: Hard Rock Club 279
March 18: Brunswick House

More About FNA:


Band Members:
Shawn Kirkpatrick - Lead Vocals
Greg Keyes - Lead Guitar, Back Up Vocals
Nik Bojovic - Rhythm Guitar, Back Up Vocals
Mark Davidson - Bass
Mike Thomas - Drums

Interesting Fact 1:
They couldn't decide on a band name so they agreed to disagree and left it at For Now Anonymous.
Additionally, the short form (FNA) is a true Canadianism - the exclamation "F'in Eh!"

Interesting Fact 2:
Mike Thomas is a talented wakeboarder.
Shawn also acts as well.
Greg headbuts garbage cans.
Mark Davidson is a great writer.
Nik is emotional.

Newmarket. All members are relocating together to Toronto!

Hardest part about being a musician in Toronto:

Getting noticed. It's hard to be at the right place at the right time.

Best part about being a musician in Toronto:

A lot of venues to perform at!

Favorite place to play in Toronto:

Hard Rock Cafe Club 279

What was the turning point of their career so far:

Getting Nik in the band with his strong back up vocals and ideas really helped push the band forward.
Also getting Gary of Wettboxx Entertainment as their manager really has changed a lot of things over the course of this year.

What sets them apart from other bands when it comes to live shows:

Their pure energy and emotion, stage presence and the energy they portray in their music.
Additionally, their harmonies are dead on!

Wildest thing that happened at one of their shows:

A hole in the stage sent a microphone stand into Shawn's face and cut his eye open.
He still finished the set, with blood rushing down his face. Rock on!

Some background for one or two of their most meaningful tracks:


Shawn: "Fall away" is about my family and the hard time I had when I was younger, going through my parents divorce. It also portrays to keep hope and keep your head up.
"Inside" is a personal song that looks deep inside and into how I feel about myself, my ambitions and motives that I hope to conquer.

Favorite local band:

The Livid

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