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The top 5 vegan mac and cheese in Toronto

The top vegan mac and cheese in Toronto will help dairy-free city-dwellers from caving into their cheddar cravings. If you ask any vegan what's the hardest food they've had to give up, the answer is usually cheese. Well, fear not Toronto vegans, you can still stick to your ethical/healthful diet and dig into some gooey goodness at these eateries.

Here are my picks for the top vegan mac and cheese in Toronto.

Hogtown Vegan
If you're on the hunt for meatless, dairy-free comfort food, Hogtown Vegan is a go-to. The Bloorcourt eatery serves up a pretty standard rendition of the dish, involving noodles coated with a faux cheese sauce and topped with breadcrumbs. If you're feeling ultra-indulgent, opt for the "Southern Combo" which pairs the dish with soy chicken strips and sautéed collard greens.

Feel Good Guru
While it's very easy to turn the dish into a 100% indulgent affair (I mean, come on, it's a plate stacked with carbs), Feel Good Guru has managed to put a healthier twist on it. The Queen and Tecumseth restaurant's take on the old and faithful is a gluten-free brown rice penne and steamed broccoli mixture coated with a house-made cashew "cheese" sauce and topped with walnut "parmesan."

Bobbie Sue's
Bobbie Sue's has taken locally-made favourite NONA vegan sauce and paired it with classic elbow macaroni to create one hell of a realistic mac n' cheese. This option is perfect if you're on the go - the noodles are pre-cooked, making your meal a cinch to put together for the chefs. The Ossington shop also offers gluten-free noodles, for all you wheatless diners.

This Bloorcourt bakery/restaurant hybrid has a menu stacked with solid alternatives to traditional comfort fare. Among its best dishes is the mac and cheese, which involves a cheddar-esque sauce, broccoli and - if you're willing to shell out an extra $2 - faux bacon bits.

The Beet
Dining with company that still loves themselves a sharp cheddar now and again? This Junction spot makes for the perfect compromise. It serves a mac and cheese made with rice and quinoa macaroni as well as a vegan-friendly version. Both are topped with gluten free breadcrumbs, hemp hearts and pickled jalapeños.

What did I miss? Add your favourite for vegan mac and cheese in the comments.

Photo of Bobbie Sue's by Jesse Milns.

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