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The top 20 pho in Toronto by neighbourhood

Pho is one of those foods that Toronto really relishes as soon as the temperature dips. While the staple Vietnamese noodle soup has seemingly taken a back seat to the the big bold flavours of the ramen craze in recent years, these aromatic broths continue to endure. Every neighbourhood needs a go-to place for pho.

Here are my picks for the top pho in Toronto by neighbourhood.

For maximum beefiness, order the fully loaded , a delicate beef broth laced with rare beef, tripe, tendon and crispy beef at Pho Jade. Even meatless eaters can partake with pho rau cai, vermicelli in vegetarian broth.

The laughing cow at Pho Hung has long been a beacon for pho enthusiasts. The bustling Chinatown eatery is the place to enjoy deep bowls of bo vien a delicate beef noodle soup swimming with meatballs.

Pho Xua is the place to slurp up rice noodles from fragrant bowls of beef, chicken, or seafood soup. The usual combinations of sliced rare beef, meatballs, tendon and tripe are all present, but the thing to get here is the special ox tail.

Wonderpho gets fancy with pho, offering any combination of sliced ribeye, veal brisket, beef balls, and tendon. You can even choose between rice noodles, Viet glass noodles, udon or soba.

pho toronto

Nuzzle into a big bowl of pho dac biet at Pho Phuong to sate cravings for deep and complex broth and a medley of meats including rare beef, beef ball, tendon, tripe, and brisket.

Mi Mi Restaurant on Gerrard St. East does all the usual beef-based pho featuring assorted cuts of beef, but more unique is the ample selection of noodles in chicken soup loaded with things like BBQ pork or shrimp dumplings.

Little Coxwell is a reliable source for soul soothing comfort foods, and while classic beef broths are on offer, it's the special chicken noodle soup that is the house favourite.

Green Mango Boys on the East Mall offers a simplified menu that bills broad rice noodles drowned in a choice of beef, chicken, or vegetable broth. Customary handfuls of bean sprouts, fresh basil and chili finish it off.

Pho Huong is a consistent spot for comforting bowls beef broth loaded with generous portions of protein. Steaming bowls of beef ball soup need just a squirt of sriracha and a squeeze of lime to achieve perfection.

Pho Toronto

Bac Ky is a canteen where the menu keeps things simple with just three varieties of pho on offer. Opt for the pho tái nam bo vien, which features rare beef, beef flank and beef balls in beef broth, pho ga, chicken in chicken soup, or pho vegetarian, which features a medley of vegetables in mushroom broth.

The menu at Pho Rex is a trusty spot to fill up on Vietnamese favourites. Aside from the classic beefy staples, find excellent versions done with chicken or veggie broth.

Northern Vietnamese cuisine is the specialty of Hanoi 3 Seasons where the beefy pho dac biet and lemon-scented pho ga are among the menu standouts.

Pho Linh makes a wonderfully deep and flavourful beef broth that boasts subtle hints of spice like anise and cinnamon. Get the pho dac biet; it literally has everything you could want in a great bowl of pho.

Pho Con Bo occupies a modest strip mall storefront on Wilson and is a popular lunch time spot to slurp up some noodles and fill up on steaming bowls of broth filled with meaty delicacies.

Pho Toronto

Golden Turtle or Pho Tien Thanh? Even pho snobs are divided on who makes the superior beef broth. I happen to like the special beef noodle soup at Pho Tien Thanh as of late, but the neighbourhood clearly has the appetite to sustain these rival pho shops, and you'll find both shops bustling at peak hours.

Pho Asia 21 is the go-to in the west end on King St. to get big bowls of beef broth loaded with slippery noodles and handfuls of fresh herbs. In addition to the usual array of beefy soups, there's a seafood version that's well worthwhile.

Cafe Pho Nho is a Vietnamese joint with attentive service and cheap beer specials. The menu of pho isn't nearly as extensive as some on this list, but the classic pho tai will hit the spot.

Pho Toronto

Pho Vietnam is a standout in Scarborough for hearty bowls of soup. Delve into a bowl of pho nam gan sach, a nuanced broth loaded with brisket, tendon and tripe, accompanied by sides of fresh herbs and sprouts for DIY application.

The pho dac biet is the house specialty at Pho Orchid. The downtown eatery slings deep bowls of noodle soup loaded with thinly sliced beef, tendon, beef balls, tripe and brisket, then finished with fresh basil, bean sprouts, and lime.

Sprout is a solid spot to get your pho fix in Midtown. This is the place to get a restorative bowl of beef soup with rice noodles, bean sprouts, cilantro and scallions with optional rare beef, brisket, beef balls, chicken or tofu. Go traditional or spice up any soup with satay sauce for 75 cents.

What did I miss? Disagree with my selections in the comments.

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