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Highland Grove in Ontario is the Geocaching Capital of Canada

Highland Grove in Ontario is the Geocaching Capital of Canada and is just over 2 hours from Toronto. But what even is geocaching? 

Geocaching is pretty much treasure hunting with a high-tech twist. It involves using the official geocaching website to find cache destinations and a GPS device or a smartphone to locate them. 

It's actually pretty straightforward: someone hides a container, called a geocache or cache, records its coordinates online, and then people use those coordinates to find it. 

Geocachers sign their usernames in the cache's logbook, record their find online, and the adventure continues. Worldwide, there are over 2 million geocaches hidden and more than 6 million registered players.

The appeal of geocaching lies in its simplicity, accessibility, and the thrill of discovery. It gets people of all ages outside, has a go-at-your-own-pace approach, allows participants to choose their difficulty level, and takes them on an adventure. 

The Geocaching Capital of Canada, situated just 2.5 hours from Toronto, boasts an enchanting landscape and a collection of creative caches. 

The region, made up of seven hamlets: Irondale, Gooderham, Tory Hill, Wilberforce, Harcourt, Highland Grove, and Cardiff, offers a unique blend of adventure and exploration. 

Nestled on the eastern side of the Haliburton Highlands, on the edge of the rugged Canadian Shield, it's a geocacher's paradise with caches hidden in and around magnificent forests and pristine lakes.

Caches can vary in size, from a tiny container that fits in your hand to a larger five-gallon pail. Some of the larger caches even contain items for trading. Trackables, game pieces that move from cache to cache, can also be found, with their movements tracked online.

The Geocaching Capital of Canada promises a stunning backdrop to experience geocaching, where enthusiasts can explore on foot, by bicycle, horseback, ATV, snowmobile, or even by driving scenic back roads.

Geocaches come with difficulty ratings, catering to various preferences and adventure levels. So, while many involve a leisurely walk, others may require a day of hiking, paddling, rock climbing, or scuba diving.

To begin your geocaching adventure, visit geocaching.com and sign-up for a free account. You can use a GPS device or a smartphone with the geocaching app. The steps are simple: choose an area, find the cache, sign the logbook, record your find online, and have fun! 

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Erin Horrocks-Pope

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