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Enraged passenger breaks bathroom door on flight from Toronto Pearson Airport

One recent turbulent flight out of Toronto Pearson Airport resulted in at least a dozen people physically restraining a furious passenger after he broke a lavatory door on the plane. 

According to a recently published article from the Press Trust of India, Delhi Police have registered a case against a Nepal national after he abused several crew members and fellow passengers on board the flight. 

The incident occurred on a 14-hour Air India flight from Toronto to New Delhi on July 8. 

The cabin supervisor told the news agency that the male passenger changed his seat from 26E to 26F and started abusing the flight crew shortly after. The pilot was informed of the disturbance and the passenger was issued an oral warning. 

According to the cabin supervisor, the smoke alarm sounded just after the lunch service, and upon opening a bathroom door, a crew member found the same passenger holding a cigarette lighter and could smell the smoke. 

"When I opened the door in front of the passenger, he pushed me back and ran to his seat 26F. When I tried to stop him, he pushed me and abused me also. Later he broke the LAV door 3F-RC," the cabin supervisor said. 

"Then I informed the captain immediately and as per captain's instruction with the help of cabin crew Punit Sharma and other four passengers we tried to restrain him as per SOP."

Overall, it took ten passengers and two crew members to restrain the passenger, who was handed over to security agencies upon arrival.

The Delhi Police are currently investigating the incident. 

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Air India 

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