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Over 130 passengers spent the afternoon stuck on a sweaty nightmare train near Toronto

Passengers were stuck on a nightmare VIA Rail trip in the Greater Toronto Area for the better part of Friday afternoon when their train ground to a halt in Oshawa before 2 p.m.

As the sun shone out their train windows, passengers were cooped up on train #42 due to what VIA Rail described in a statement as "mechanical issues."

A total of 133 passengers aboard the train were forced to wait aboard the train with little in the way of food, though some passengers were provided with light refreshments for what was initially estimated to be a 90-minute wait — though no working washrooms to make room for said refreshments.

One of the passengers was live-tweeting their experience on the halted train, complaining that customers were told compensation would not be provided.

Making matters worse, the apparent engine outage meant that passengers had to endure rising temperatures in a train that lacked air conditioning.

VIA train #45 eventually showed up after over one hour to help get train #42 back up and running. The train operator said that the second train would share equipment with the affected train, in what I'm picturing as something akin to a car-and-jumper-cable situation.

Train #42 resumed service just before 4 p.m. after over two hours delay based on reports of passengers, though VIA states that the train is only running approximately one hour and 24 minutes behind schedule.

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