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New Scarborough bus service doesn't seem to understand where Scarborough is

A new inter-city bus service is about to launch, linking downtown Toronto and Ottawa via stops in Scarborough and Kingston, but for several days after announcing the new route, the Western Canada-based bus operator seemed to have Scarborough, Ontario, confused for its namesake seaside resort town.

Red Arrow will launch its new service on December 4, initially rolling out with four trips per day before upping its service to a full six-trip-per-day schedule starting Dec. 8.

But anyone trying to book tickets in or out of Scarborough in advance in the days after the announcement was met with a very misleading image of the British seaside resort town of the same name, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, U.K.

Sure, both Scarboroughs offer sandy beaches and bluffs with majestic views over the water, but that's pretty much where the similarities end.

After several days of proudly displaying the wrong Scarborough, Red Arrow finally got its act together — but just barely, adding the exact same stock Wikipedia lead photo for Scarborough, Ontario, in what sure looks like a rushed correction. A real A for effort here.

blogTO reached out to Red Arrow for their thoughts on the humorous mix-up, but, understandably, the bus operator has not responded to our request for comment as of writing.

If you can get over these Abertans' hilariously incorrect perception of Scarborough, the new service does offer some perks over traditional inter-city bus routes.

You're going to have to shell out about twice the price of competitors FlixBus and MegaBus, but that added cost comes with perks like single-row privacy seating and advanced seat selection, as well as amenities like onboard entertainment, free Wi-Fi, and a selection of snacks and beverages.

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