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Someone made a social media account calling out Air Canada for constantly losing luggage

Toronto Pearson International Airport and many others worldwide are struggling to keep up with the first busy travel season since the before times, and no airline has made more headlines during this turmoil than Air Canada.

Air Canada has recently been under fire for losing passengers' luggage en masse. The problem has become so bad in recent weeks that one Twitter user took it upon themselves to create an account sharing instances of lost luggage experiences from Air Canada travellers.

The air_canada_lost_my_luggage Twitter account has curated several hundred retweets from disgruntled passengers since June 28, but it all started when the account creator reportedly suffered ten hours of delays and a lost infant's carseat.

The airline has been cancelling flights out of Pearson and other Canadian airports at an alarming rate. At the same time, many more departures and arrivals have experienced gruelling delays, some even forced to wait hours on the tarmac in sweaty, overheated planes.

The account has only been around for a few days as of writing, but the sheer volume of complaints directed at Air Canada for cancellations and lost luggage is worrying for the airline, to say the least, and food for thought for any would-be travellers looking to get away in the near future.

Some notable retweets include a report of an 88-year-old passenger with lost baggage containing medication.

Even travellers who think ahead and stow important medications in their carry-on luggage might end up in trouble.

Another report talks of 50 bags lost on a single flight from Toronto to Barcelona.

Passengers seem frustrated by a lack of on-site 24-hour customer service at Pearson to deal with lost baggage reports.

Air Canada has responded to some of the tweets, though it seems the solutions offered are not good enough for irate travellers.

Some travellers have taken to using Apple AirTags to track their luggage in case of such scenarios, but that hasn't been much help.

Lost luggage is terrible enough, but there have also been reports of pets separated from owners due to the recent airline chaos.

Air Canada has apologized to passengers for its recent shortcomings — specifically the cancellation of more than 9,000 flights in July and August — and the airline recently updated its page with details on how customers can report lost baggage.

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