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Someone tracked their Toronto Pearson Airport luggage and it didn't move for 4 days

With all the chaos that is Toronto's Pearson Airport, having your luggage not make it to your destination is one of the worst things that can happen, seriously hampering travel or relaxation plans.

Unfortunately for one passenger, that nightmare came true as her luggage didn't make it onto her flight out of Toronto to Saint John in New Brunswick.

Kelly Laing posted her luggage experience on TikTok when she flew out of Toronto Pearson a week ago. In the video you can see Kelly's luggage geo-tagged in Toronto after she landed in Saint John. Laing also explains that she was checked in for her flight three hours early, like a responsible air-traveller.

Luckily she put an AirTag on her bag and was able to see the exact location of her luggage, but was upset that it didn't make it on her short 1.5-hour direct flight.

In a series of videos posted onto her TikTok account, Laing explains how her luggage was marked as "priority" with Air Canada, and the airline only filled up half of the plane's cargo, suspecting that there are more people in her situation that were on her flight.

After four days, Kelly was able to track her luggage in Moncton, 134-km away from her. In an update video, she hoped that Air Canada would be able to ship her luggage to the Saint John Airport, where she landed. 

In her final update video, Laing is seen driving to the Saint John Airport. There were no updates at all from Air Canada, but thanks to an AirTag in her bag she was able to see exactly where it was. 

After five days, Kelly was able to reunite with her lost luggage. She shows her priority tag and then says that the tag means nothing as it wasn't treated as a priority. 

Further in the video, you can see Laing checking to see if the contents of her bag were intact and luckily everything was okay. To end the series, Kelly explains that everyone should get an AirTag for their checked luggage or just have a carry-on for a domestic flight to avoid this situation.

The moral of the story is to have some sort of tracking device for your luggage, if possible, when travelling. Knowing where your luggage actually is will help relieve some stress when flying in and out of the chaos of Toronto Pearson.

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