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Toronto is nowhere close to being the most social-media obsessed city in Canada

A very interesting quasi-study has revealed that Toronto isn't nearly as social-media obsessed as you might think.

A look into social media habits by analyzed the number of monthly Google searches for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram across Canada over the last year.

The results might shock you.

Victoria, B.C., turns out to be the most social media-obsessed city in Canada, with 5,758 average monthly searches per 1,000 people.

And it turns out that YouTube was the top platform among Victorians, followed by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.

Behind Victoria is the New Brunswick city of Moncton, which averaged a little over 3,000 average monthly searches.

Another interesting point is that this analysis found Moncton-ites using Pinterest more per capita than residents of other Canadian city.

St. John's, Nanaimo, Peterborough, Vancouver, Thunder Bay, Halifax, Price George and Windsor rounded out the top ten cities.

CasionBonusCA also found the most searched social media platform was YouTube. 

As for Toronto? You may be surprised to learn that the nation's largest city landed at #14 on this list, given the fact that many would say we Toronto residents are self-obsessed and maybe even a bit narcissistic.

The results found that a little less than 2,000 average monthly searches per 1,000 people were recorded in Toronto. 

Of course, this isn't a scientific study, and it didn’t look at how many times users opened their own social media apps (hence not needing to look them up at Google) but, hey, if this is a win for Toronto, we'll take it!

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