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Rogers turns to Elon Musk to improve phone service across Canada

Your prayers for an internet connection while travelling on a backcountry road may have just been answered.

Rogers and SpaceX released a statement this morning announcing their plan to bring nationwide satellite-to-phone coverage across Canada. 

The partnership aims to enable Canadians to stay connected in areas where traditional wireless networks are unavailable.

The Toronto-based communications company is collaborating with the power of SpaceX's Starlink satellites and Lynk Global.

Starlink is a SpaceX initiative owned by Elon Musk. It is the world's first satellite constellation that employs a low Earth orbit, a technology which allows 4G and 5G-enabled phones to connect to the service.

The initial goal of Rogers and SpaceX is to offer national SMS coverage, but they aspire to extend data access to even the most isolated and remote parts of Canada.

You might remember seeing the train of Starlink satellites travelling over the Canadian night sky after their launch last year.

Starlink provides broadband internet services that can accommodate activities including online gaming, video calls, and streaming.

Elon Musk tweeted in December that "Starlink works in even the most remote regions of Antarctica."

Thanks to Starlink, internet personality @DevonLevesque was able to connect to the internet when he visited the south pole and used it to FaceTime his mom.

Tony Staffieri, CEO at Rogers, said he hopes that national satellite connectivity will help "keep Canadians connected and safe."  

It's not just the wilderness that the connection will reach. Rogers also aims to improve public safety by bringing the wireless service to the entirety of the Toronto subway system.

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Rogers turns to Elon Musk to improve phone service across Canada

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