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50 Toronto podcasts you should be listening to

Toronto has so many great podcasts, and there really is something for everyone. If you want my biased opinion, you should really carve out ten minutes of your day to listen to Only in Toronto, our very own daily podcast exploring all things Toronto, from news to food to events.

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That leaves you with plenty of time to tackle some of the city’s other poppin’ podcasts.

In alphabetical order, here are my picks for some notable Toronto podcasts you should check out.

The Backline

If you’re into improv comedy, then The Backline is a must-listen. Canadian Comedy Award winners, Adam Cawley and Rob Norman have taken their skills all over the world, and each episode delves into a new theme exploring the world of improv.

Bed Post Podcast

Canadian Podcast Award winner Erin Pim interviews guests and performers from the Bed Post stage show and beyond. Each episode (and there are over 160) features open conversations about sex and sexuality.

The Big Story Podcast

A daily in-depth look at the issues, culture and personalities shaping Canada and the world today.

Black Tea

Black Tea, co-hosted by writers Andray Domise and Melayna Williams is about the tough, but important and insightful conversations surrounding the issues that matter to Canada’s Black communities.

Born and Raised

Huffington Post’s new podcast mini-series explores the ways food anchors the children of immigrants to their families and identities. Co-hosted by Angelyn Francis and Al Donato, each episode digs into immigrant food stories that share a common theme.

Break a Wish

A podcast where all your dreams come true, but with terrible ironic consequences. On each episode, host Maddox Campbell sits down with two guests and one magic wish, and together they break down the wish from every angle while trying to come up with the perfect ironic cost.


No one in the Canadian media landscape is safe from the criticism of host Jesse Brown. Named Canada’s Best Podcast, CANADALAND tries to keep them (those in the Canadian mediascape) honest, but if that doesn’t work, they investigate, and expose the dishonesty.

Confetti Culture

Julie Whish has an eye for all things whimsical and beautiful. Looking at her instagram, you’ll know what I mean. Jules is cute, crafty, and she’s got a new podcast that’s all about happiness, positivity and spreading good vibes.

Damsel in the 6ix

Co-hosted by Danica S. Nelson and Kaneesha Serjue, D6IX aims to empower and inspire women in Toronto to live their best lives.

Faculty Of Horror

Your best source for classic and contemporary horror film discussions that will haunt the libraries of your mind. Co-hosts and horror journalists Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West research and analyze all things that go bump in the night.

Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children

Hosted by Scott Thrower, sometimes “happily ever after” is no guarantee. This podcast features short fairy tales that turn toward the dark and unsettling.


A daily news podcast, hosted by Jayme Poisson, that explores the big stories of the day with curiosity and an open mind.

The Heavy Flow Podcast

A feminist, body positive podcast about periods, reproductive health and health and wellness topics. Each week host Amanda Laird sits down with a guest to have casual, candid conversations about the things we’re not supposed to talk about, like periods, fertility, mental health, and more.

Humble and Fred

You may remember this dynamic duo from their morning radio days on CFNY (the Edge), Mojo 640 and Mix 99.9 in the 80s, 90s and early 00s. Aside from producing a hilarious daily podcast (with fun guests) from their Queensway studio, they now also broadcast from Funny 820 AM every weekday morning.

I Hate It But I Love It

Is there something you love, but also hate with every fibre of your body? Humans are complex beings, and that’s why this is such a fun idea for a podcast. From the From Superheroes network, co-hosts Kat Angus and Jocelyn Geddie break down films they love, and simultaneously hate.

Inside the Green Room with Danny Green

Co-hosted by Danny Green, Toronto's newest Raptor, and Harrison Sanford, the duo uncovers stories of an athlete who has won an NBA title and an NCAA Championship but at one point found himself fighting for a spot in the league.

Just Chips Dot Com

Co-hosts Zoë Robertson and Sophia LePage love chips, and along with chatting with Toronto musicians and comedians, the two also eat, discuss and critique chips.

Killed to Death

Part of The Sonar Network, Killed to Death is a weekly podcast co-hosted by Griffin Toplitsky and Steve Cooke. Each week, they analyze, and solve a made-up murder case, with the help of a guest.

The Legal Potcast

CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt explores the highs and the lows of cannabis legalization in Canada, from buying and selling to culture, enforcement and tourism.

Live from the Centre

Based on an Canadian Comedy Award nominated web series, this satirical podcast is about small business incubator for socially-progressive organizations, starring Second City alums.

Mike on Much

Mike Veerman is a seasoned writer, director, and producer. Here, he interviews cultural figures from the world of music, comedy and entertainment. The series is co-produced by Max Kerman, lead singer of the Arkells, and features a “dessert” segment with YouTuber Shane Cunningham.

Moms in the Middle

Evanka Osmak hosts a national late-night sports show, and Melanie Ng is a reporter on a morning show at the crack of dawn. They’re both moms and they’re both…busy. And tired. Each week, they meet in the middle of the day to talk parenting; the good, the bad, with advice from experts and honest discussion.

Nobody Cares (Except for Me)

The “me” in this case refers to writer and host, Anne T. Donahue, who just released a collection of essays also called Nobody Cares. In each episode of the podcast version, Anne sits down with a guest to talk about something they are passionate about that no one else really gets, like Garfield Fan Art, or Rasputin.

None of Our Business

From Audible, None of Our Business is an audio series that explores the weird and wonderful things you’ve overheard while eavesdropping. The show is hosted by comedians Gwynne Phillips and Briana Templeton.

Ongoing History of New Music

I think OHNM, which is now a part of the new Canada-wide Curiouscast network, may have been a podcast before podcasts were even invented. Each week human encyclopedia Alan Cross looks at something from the alt-rock universe, from artist profiles to various thematic explorations. 

Outta the Park

Hosted by Barry Davis, former Sportsnet personality, and on-field reporter for the Toronto Blue Jays, the Outta the Park, part of No Suit Required Media is a three-times weekly podcast looks at the human side of sports.

Personal Best

Whether you want to be better at texting, or learn to do a backflip, co-hosts Rob Norman and Andrew Norton offer a unique and comedic approach to self-improvement. Personal Best has been on a bunch of “Best of Podcasting” lists, from Fast Company to Vulture to the New York Times.

Podcast Playlist

Co-hosts Lindsay Michael and Matt Galloway scour the web for fresh new podcasts you should be keeping an ear out for.

POST Wrestling

POST Wrestling is more like a series of different podcasts, but they all have one thing in common: wrestling. Co-hosts John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE Raw, SmackDown, NJPW, ROH, UFC and discuss the latest in pro wrestling news.

The Quick and the Dirty

Hilary Welch and Sandra Plagakis attempt to navigate the world of sex and relationships, but they’ll be the first to admit they still haven’t figured it out, either. Every week, they’ll invite guests to share their unique and compelling stories from the world of love and lust.

Regular Girls

They call themselves “regular girls,” and they are, but they are also so much more. Each week, pals Renee Young (WWE & RAW commentator) and Stacey McGunnigle (currently performing at Second City) break down celebrity gossip, beauty, fashion, with a sprinkle of conspiracy theories, crystals, and the odd tarot card.

The Royal Canadian Movie Podcast

The Royal Canadian Movie Podcast stands on guard for Canadian film. Each week co-hosts Becky Shrimpton and Cameron Maitland invite filmmakers, actors, comedians, musicians, writers and theorists, to choose a Canadian film they love and want to share.

Sad and the City

Childhood friends from Ottawa, Marisa and Jay have come back together in the Big Smoke to talk depression, anxiety and how to fake a smile while paying Toronto rent prices.

Safe Space

Returning in 2019, Safe Space is a weekly show about news and politics, hosted by Vicky Mochama and Ishmael Daro. It’s a safe space for bad takes.

The Secret Life of Canada

A history podcast about the country you know, and the stories you don't, co-hosted by Falen Johnson and Leah Simone Bowen.

The Secret Life of Weddings

With over 20 years of combined experience photographing weddings, co-hosts Lisa and Rebecca dish on the wildest wedding drama.

Shh I’m Watching a Movie

Two uninformed comedians watch a movie that one of them hasn't seen, like Titanic or Mama Mia, and talk through the whole thing.


Mitch and Greg of AsapSCIENCE chat about controversial subjects. Then they research and splice in all the mind blowing science throughout so you are entertained while simultaneously learning.

Sisters of Sound

A podcast series that turns the volume up on the many achievements of women in all sound and music industries. Host Morgan Sheppard interviews women of many disciplines, finding out how they got into their job, what a day in their life looks like, and their experience as a woman in the industry.


Hosted by Damien Doepping, Colin Morey, Kjartan Hewitt and Cody Crain, Spooked! is your weekly improvised horror story podcast, but don’t worry it’s not TOO scary.

Squirrel Talk!

Hosted by Toronto drag queen Vicki Lix, this podcast talks shop about Rupaul's Drag Race and the outstanding drag talent we have in Canada with her best squirrel friends!

The Steve Dangle Podcast

With over 250 episodes, the Steve Dangle Podcast combines hockey talk with pop culture, and features Adam Wylde and Jesse Blake.

Taggart and Torrens

Jeremy Taggart (Our Lady Peace) and Jonathan Torrens (Trailer Park Boys, Jonovision) are perhaps better known for their work together as Taggart and Torrens. This duo has put out a book, and are touring together, and their podcast is about all things true north, strong and freezing.

Tai Asks Why

Tai Poole is a curious and charming tween who is always searching for answers, like why are people always saying “trust your gut?” and “what happens after you die?”

That’s How I Remember It

Four Toronto Improvisers and best bros recreate classic movies through improv to the best of their memory. Spoiler alert: They have terrible memories, and make little to no effort in following the original plot, which leads to hilarious results.

Toronto Mike’d Podcast

Toronto Mike, at his core, is a fan of the Toronto media scene. He has released over 400 episodes with all kinds of television personalities, radio hosts, musicians and COOL ladies.

Truths be Told

Hosted by Second City alum Lindsay Mullan, each episode features a guest (or two) from Toronto’s entertainment scene, and together they tell funny, dark, and hilarious stories about all things, from dating to beauty, to “that horrible thing I did.

Tucker, Maura & Wilson

Another radio show turned podcast, but the difference here is that these three are no longer on the FM dial (which is a shame). This is the new home for Tucker, Maura & Wilson, formally the morning show of a radio station in Toronto that they say, “shall remain nameless.”

We’re Totally (Not) OK

Nominated for a Canadian Podcast Award this year, WT(N)OK is co-hosted by Toronto actors Caleigh Le Grand and Tanya Bevan. Together they explore the intersection between mass media culture and mental health.

Yas Kween

Created by actor/comedian Nelu Handa, this pod has established itself as a fierce and fun monthly show at Bad Dog Theatre, featuring fearless comedians who identify as women of colour/ethnicity. In each episode, Nelu sits down with a woman of colour in comedy for a in-depth chat.

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VV Nincic. Written by Dani Stover. 

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