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Toronto startup is looking to reinvent the bed sheet

The online mattress industry is booming right now, if you haven't noticed ads for bed-in-a-box services like Casper and Endy pretty much everywhere.

It was only a matter of time before somebody clever jumped on that memory-foam bandwagon with complementary products—mattress accessories, if you will—to take advantage of the trend.

Two of those clever somebodies are Ben and Mark McLean, Torontonian brothers and co-founders of a new bedding startup called Benji Sleep.

Benji, like the aforementioned mail-order mattress brands, prides itself on offering premium quality goods for a reasonable price by cutting out the middle man.

Instead of going to West Elm, Costco or wherever you buy your bedsheets and stressing out over things like thread count amidst an overwhelming selection of products, Benji wants you to chill out and take the easy road.

"We set out to simplify the entire process by eliminating your trip to the big-box store, debunking the myths around thread count and offering high-quality, versatile and affordable bedding ALL online," said the company's founders by email.

Their secret? A hypo-allergenic, moisture wicking, ultra breathable microfibre weave.

"After extensive research, we discovered that high thread count cotton isn't the key to the softest and highest-quality sheets," reads the Benji website. "Turns out, Microfiber is where it's at... Double brushed superior weave, Microfiber. Its buttery soft and won't break the bank!"

Sheet sets start at $80, with the most basic package including 1 fitted, 1 flat and 2 pillow cases. You can add in extra sheets or duvet covers as it suits you, paying only for what you want and need.

Like modern bed-in-a-box companies, Benji offers a 100-night trial period. If you're not satisfied, you can send your sheets back for a refund.

The company is new, but it's already winning over rave reviews from customers on its website—and their pets.

Benji's Instagram page is a wonderland of cats and dogs cuddling in bed and it will definitely make you want to sleep. Like, right now. Sweet dreams.

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