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Prepaid mobile phone plans in Toronto

Prepaid mobile phone plans are widely available in Toronto. These plans feature a variety of options, from inexpensive, no-frill, talk and text options to pricier ones that include data. Depending on the plan, you can purchase one at the airport, supermarket, drug stores, gas stations and electronics' providers, just to name the most popular.

Here's a list of the prepaid mobile plans available in Toronto, in no particular order.

President's Choice Mobile
President's Choice - sold at Loblaw's - offers several options in their pre-paid cards, although they primarily focus on talk and text options. The basic $15 card offers unlimited text messages Canada-wide and internationally, with 20 cents per minute charged for local calls. The priciest $50 option offers unlimited local calls. People might be turned away as a result of the limited data options on PC cards, but all cards feature unlimited talk and text to other PC Prepaid customers.

Bell has a variety of prepaid options available. The most inexpensive version is $15.75 per recharge, giving customers unlimited nationwide text and local calls for 20 cents per minute. Also available is a $45.75 option, with 150 local minutes plus unlimited evenings and weekends, unlimited texts, and 200 MB of data. All Bell cards however do have a $10 up front SIM card cost, and can be purchased at Bell providers.

Entry-level buyers will find Fido offers a standard $15.75 prepaid card with unlimited international text and 30 cents per minute rate for local calls. Users interested in more features can pony up $55 for 500 Canada-wide minutes, unlimited text and 750 MB of data.

Rogers offers numerous options for prepaid customers. The most inexpensive rate, available for $15.75, offers unlimited nationwide text and local calls for 20 cents per minute. Rogers also has $70 option for unlimited text and unlimited minutes Canada-wide, although your value for money might be better placed with other options. Rogers also has an option with 2 GB of data, unlimited text and unlimited evenings and weekends. The high price tag of $80.75 though makes it a difficult buy, particularly because no daytime minutes are included in the purchase.

Telus offers entry-level prepaid plans with 50 local minutes and 500 nationwide texts for $15.75. Customers looking for a little more may find their $65.00 plan useful with 300 local minutes, unlimited texts, and 1 GB of data. Like Bell however, Telus customers may have to purchase an additional SIM card for $10.00.

7-Eleven SpeakOut
7-Eleven has its own line of prepaid phone cards. All plans require a $10.00 up front purchase for a SIM card. They offer a $20.00 prepaid plan with 100 nationwide minutes, and unlimited texts to Canada and the US. Customers can also pick up a more unconventional year-long prepaid option for $100 with 400 local minutes and unlimited texts.

Chatr is a great choice for people committed to using only WiFi for their internet needs. For $20.00 customers can get unlimited local minutes, making it a better option than most landlines. Their $40.00 option provides unlimited nationwide minutes, as well as unlimited texts internationally.

Koodo offers a significant amount of customization to their prepaid plans. They offer a base plan for $15.00 with unlimited nationwide and international texts. However, in order to actually make any calls, customers need to purchase at least a $5.00 add-on for 25 nationwide minutes. On the higher end, Koodo offers a $50.00 base plan with unlimited local minutes plus unlimited nationwide and international texts. Note that all Koodo plans also require an upfront SIM card purchase, although they go for only $5.00

Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile provides Torontonians with a few options for their prepaid needs. Entry-level customers have the option of a $25.00 plan with either 50 local minutes or unlimited evenings and weekends but no daytime minutes. Both plans offer unlimited texts nationwide and internationally. For $55.00 customers receive unlimited local minutes along with unlimited nationwide and international texts. Like some other options Virgin Mobile also requires an upfront $10.00 purchase of a SIM card.

Public Mobile
Public Mobile has little in the way of set plans but does offer potential customers a wide variety of customization options. The lowest price option is unlimited nationwide texts for $20.00 although no minutes are made available. Customers can get unlimited Ontario minutes and unlimited nationwide texts for only $35 however. The most expensive option available is an unlimited nationwide talk and text package with 4 GB of data for $80.00.

Petro Canada
Lastly, consumers also have the option of picking prepaid plans from Pedro Canada. A $20.00 package will get you 100 nationwide minutes along with unlimited nationwide texts. Also available are pricier plans for $45.00 which will provide 300 nationwide minutes and unlimited nationwide texts, as well as 500 MB of data. Petro Canada is another one that requires the purchase of a $10.00 SIM card.

NOTE: Rates and plans above are subject to change. Please check the linked web sites for the latest plans and pricing.

Have I missed any? Let us know in the comments.

Photo by Kat NLM in the blogTO Flickr pool.

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