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Anger spills into the streets after Toronto Maple Leafs lose Game 2 of series

Toronto Maple Leafs fans filed out of Scotiabank Arena in shock on Thursday night after the team blew a two-goal lead to fall 3-2 to the Florida Panthers, who now hold a commanding 2-0 series lead in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Most left the arena dejected and hushed, but a few rowdy fans got a bit heated after the game, taking out frustrations on one another in the very streets where crowds were celebrating a first-round series-clinching overtime goal just days earlier.

A video captured on York Street south of Bremner Boulevard on Thursday evening shows the aftermath of the Leafs' loss, where a violent shoving match broke out between disappointed — and possibly inebriated — fans exiting the arena.

The clip shared by lawyer Caryma Sa'd shines a light on the uglier side of sports fandom in Toronto.

Sa'd tells blogTO that "There was fight energy in the air after the game, fuelled by alcohol and disappointment over the Leafs losing."

"There was incidental contact where the two men bumped into each other," explains Sa'd, saying that the bearded man seen in the video wearing a baseball cap shoved the other man to the ground.

"People around were mostly surprised, and pointed out the area was full of police."

Sa'd says that after the man recovered his footing, he "got up and went up to the other dude, possibly to take his photo or draw attention of law enforcement," only to have his phone slapped from his hand.

Bystanders recovered the phone and returned it to the man, and Sa'd says that afterwards, "the two exchanged middle fingers, and that was it."

Fan energy tends to run high after disappointing losses, and the incident brings back memories of the Leafs' first-round series defeat versus the Tampa Bay Lighting in 2022, where a few fans didn't even wait until leaving the stadium to engage in fisticuffs.

Even when the team is doing well, you can expect the odd brawl to break out in the stands, like another scuffle recorded in the crowd at Scotiabank Arena in April 2022.

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Caryma Sa'd

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