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Wild video shows chaotic fight in the stands of Toronto Maple Leafs game

Toronto sports fans had a lot to soak in this Easter long weekend, with the city's three biggest sports franchises playing a combined eight games from Thursday through Sunday.

On Thursday, the Toronto Maple Leafs hosted the Washington Capitals, and while the buds walked away with a 7-3 win, one person in the stands lost their pride, their glasses, and a bit of blood in a violent exchange caught on video.

Reported to have been captured after the final buzzer ended the game, the video shows an attendee attacking another fan.

The video begins amid a chaotic scene where a fan in a John Tavares jersey can be seen lunging at a man in a grey sweater, delivering two direct blows to that knock the grey sweater guy's glasses off and slam the back of his head into the arena stands' concrete stairs.

"You don't ****ing touch her," the man in the Tavares jersey shouts as he pins grey sweater dude to the ground, screaming, "I'll f***ing kill you, you dumb f***."

In a split second, the guy in the Tavares jersey goes from death threats to relative calm, announcing, "I'm done, okay, okay," and seeming to snap out of his momentary rage.

But in one last blast of chaos, a woman wearing one of those odd new Bieber Leafs jerseys (reportedly attending the game with the assailant) runs in from off-screen and delivers a barrage of slaps to the grey sweater guy's already-bloody face.

Calmer but still fuming, the Tavares jersey guy says, "You can't touch a girl. I'm not a fighter but don't f***ing-" as venue security keeps the pair separated.

The man asks to retrieve his hat, but the guard holding him back declines the request, all as the assailant appears relatively calm given what just went down.

A post providing context for the fight explains that the couple were attempting to leave their seats after the game, when grey sweater guy allegedly refused to move at first. Things quickly got out of hand from there.

The man in the grey sweater appeared shaken and bloodied in the background but otherwise seemed to walk away more or less unharmed.

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