fight at leafs game

Brawl breaks out at Scotiabank Arena after Toronto Maple Leafs game

The Toronto Maple Leafs may have lost yet another first-round playoff series, but that doesn't mean the action at Scotiabank Arena ended when the horn closed the book on Game 7 and the hopes of hockey fans across the city.

Emotions were high as dejected Leafs fans filed out of The Vault after basically seeing the team lose a playoff game (and series) by a score of 2-2, and a select few got a bit more out of their outrageously-priced tickets when a brawl broke out in the concession area of section 319.

A chaotic video of the scene has been making the rounds on social media since Saturday night, giving fans one last instance of watching young men in Leafs jerseys get their asses handed to them for the year.

Without context, it's hard to describe exactly what is going down in this brawl, leaving many hungry for a backstory.

But even without details, it's pretty easy to deduce what could have led to fisticuffs here.

Commenters are breaking down the fight like it's some kind of title match, complete with slow-motion replays and analysis.

One pointed out that fans in the stands seemed to be fighting with more emotion than the Leafs did that night.

If this was an arcade-style fighting game, which fighter would you choose?

There are reports that this was just one of a few fights that broke out after the Leafs fell in Game 7, another embarrassing blow to Leafs fandom on what turned out to be just the latest dark night in the franchise's cursed postseason history.

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