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Toronto Maple Leafs players surprise commuters as they ride TTC to practice

Dressed in full uniform, with hockey sticks in hands, the Toronto Maple Leafs surprised Toronto commuters as they rode the TTC to their outdoor practice at City Hall on Sunday, just like us regular-schmegular people.

Hockey players, they're just like us.

Videos shared by the team's Twitter account show players piling into a crowded subway car and interacting with fellow riders and fans on Sunday, Feb. 12.

It was a rare up-close sighting for subway riders, as the players hung on to the overhead safety straps and mingled with the public. 

Arriving at their destination of Queen subway station, the players hobble out of the crowded car and onto the subway platform amid astonished fans.

Streams of fans filmed the rare and intimate Leafs sightings as the team took the Red Rocket to Nathan Philips Square.

It seems that the TTC was running smoothly to deliver to the team on time, a sometimes rare feat these days. 

In another clip shared by the team's account, Scarborough's-own Leafs right winger Wayne Simmonds is seen exiting the station and chatting it up with young fans, who enthusiastically run beside him to keep pace.

It took a bit of time for the time to arrive at the rink, players regularly stopping to pose for pictures and shake hands with residents.

The Leafs' hosted their practice session at the outdoor rink in front of Nathan Phillips Square, which drew hundreds of loyal fans.

It was a warm welcome for the team as the fans screamed and clapped at their arrival, holding up jerseys and filming the occasion.

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