rogers centre renovations

Rogers Centre renovations to make it easier for Toronto Blue Jays to hit home runs

Jamaican patties aren’t the only thing the Toronto Blue Jays will be serving up when they open the newly renovated Rogers Centre.

Dingers will be on the menu, too.

The ballpark, currently undergoing extensive renovations, will see a change in field dimensions, too, according to Scott Mitchell of TSN, with the modifications favouring hitters under the supposed new configuration.

According to Mitchell, Blue Jays hitters will return in April to closer confines, with the right-centre field wall moving in nearly 20 feet from 375 feet to just 357 feet.

A similar shrink in left field will see the wall move in from 375 feet to 366 feet. Straightaway centre field will inch in from 400 feet to 397 feet, too.

New field dimensions, as a result of the renovations, are expected to be announced in February.

Construction at the park is well underway, featuring reconfigured bullpens and a reduced seating capacity of 7%, with new capacity expected at around 46,000 seats. Reduced capacity will come with the creation of additional social spaces similar to the WestJet Flight Deck located in centre field on the 200 level.

New food and drink options are also on their way, with the Blue Jays already announcing the addition of Jamaican patties, amongst other food and dining options.

Other new menu items include bacon-pepper grilled cheese, brownie sundaes, and milkshakes and mac and cheese with Montreal smoked meat, Cuban sandwiches, and brioche pretzel bites.

The first phase of Rogers Centre renovations, to be completed through the next few offseasons, is expected to be ready for the team’s home opener on Tuesday, April 11 against the Detroit Tigers.

The Blue Jays also plan to replace every seat in the ballpark, starting with new seats coming to the 500 level this season before replacing the 100 and 200-level seats beginning next offseason.

The new seats are in a darker blue colour than the traditional faded blue seats, originally installed for the SkyDome’s opening back in 1989.

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