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B.C. restaurant trolls Toronto hockey fans with hilarious menu and people are triggered

Maple Leafs fans have a bit of a reputation outside the welcoming atmosphere of the Greater Toronto Area.

People don't like the team and love to mercilessly troll its stubbornly devoted fans, a sentiment that has found its way onto a restaurant menu 3,400 kilometres away from the buds' home at Scotiabank Arena.

Hockey fans visiting the 17 Mile Pub in Sooke, B.C., just outside of Victoria, have two poutine options. One somewhat reasonably-priced option called Habs Poutine, and one cold, unappetizing, overpriced option dubbed Maple Leafs Poutine.

You can pay $12.95 for a plate of "crispy fries & cheese curds, smothered in gravy," or, if you're a real Leafs die-hard used to punishment, you can pay $67 for a "cold, overpriced dish served with under-performing gravy, ice cold fries and a side of disappointment."


James Lemire, co-owner of 17 Mile Pub, tells blogTO that despite its location on Vancouver Island, the restaurant sees plenty of Leaf fans.

Lemire says his Habs-loyal business partner came up with the idea, and it has been a mainstay on their menu for 10-12 years now.

You'd think the description and price tag would be enough to dissuade anyone from ordering the item, but Lemire says that some stubborn Leafs fans have insisted on ordering the colder and pricier of the two options, though every patron has been talked out of the idea in the end.

Lemire says that nobody has ever successfully ordered and then consumed the Maple Leafs poutine at 17 Mile Pub — a possible metaphor for the team's postseason struggles — but that doesn't mean it hasn't become a topic of conversation across the country here in Ontario.

Leafs fans, though a bit triggered, are (mostly) taking it all in stride. Because, honestly, what the heck else do the franchise's supporters have left besides self-deprecating humour.

Some aren't as into the obvious joke, and there will always be a few defensive Leafs fans rushing to the team's aid.

Because if nobody is playing defence on the ice, someone may as well do it on Twitter.

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