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Toronto Wolfpack pulls jersey and sponsorship hours after announcement

In a quick turn-of-events, local rugby team the Toronto Wolfpack has backtracked and cut ties with a new energy company sponsor, pulling team jerseys just an hour after announcing them.

It appears the team dropped its 2022 season home jersey this morning and for some reason (let's say either outcry or internal pressures,) deleted all posts of said jersey and then issued a statement.

The new jersey featured the Wolfpack and North American Rugby League (NARL) logo on the upper chest area, but what seems to be the issue is their sponsor, Energy Producers Inc., whose name was displayed with their company graphic of a white drilling rig.

Around an hour later, the team issued a poorly spelled statement attempting to explain why they had dropped both the jersey and sponsor.

"Toronto Wolfpack has decided to remove its jersey sponsor energy producers inc and all ties to that sponsor As they did not align with our ethos or that of our other partners. Thank you for your support and understanding," read the statement, missing just a few commas and periods.

A quick google search of Energy Producers Inc. brings up a page clad with the same logo displayed on the jersey. It reads that Energy Producers Inc. is a company dedicated to "oil and gas exploration, exploitation and development."

A Google listing for the company says it is a petroleum products company based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Aside from a screenshot of the team's first announcement from a Twitter user, there is no other mention or images of the jerseys.

A link to the team's online seller, VX3, does not list any 2022 jerseys.

Toronto Wolfpack did not respond to blogTO when asked for further details about the jersey.

Iroquois Roots Rugby, who has a partnership with Wolfpack, also did not respond to questions regarding their thoughts on the jersey either.

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