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Toronto just ranked among the worst stadiums in the 2026 FIFA World Cup

On Thursday it was announced that Toronto will be one of 16 host cities for the FIFA World Cup 2026, and as the excitement begins to subside, the reality is starting to sink in: billions of eyes will be on the city and all its shortcomings.

BMO Field will expand to meet FIFA's minimum capacity requirements for the tournament, but these upgrades will be limited to the venue itself. They won't change the fact that the stadium sits in a windswept parking lot with poor pedestrian access, built on a site better suited for high-speed car racing than an afternoon stroll.

Unfortunately for Toronto, the urbanism-focused Twitter account Pushing The Needle ranked each of the 16 host venues on a scale from A+ to F- based on the walkability of surrounding areas. It may not touch on the venues themselves, but the ranking is a harsh critique of the urban environments in North American cities, and Toronto is not spared from the skewering.

While it would be fair to assume that BMO Field's location within walking distance to the heart of Toronto would score it high on the scale, the stadium actually ranked unbelievably low.

It may be a quick walk from the city centre, but Pushing The Needle gave BMO Field a dismal F grading, describing Exhibition Place as "cut off on all sides in an unwalkable hellscape."

Just a bit harsh but I honestly have no rebuttal. 

It's truly upsetting to see cities like Dallas and Atlanta, known more for their seas of surface parking and city-destroying highways, getting higher urbanism marks than a city like Toronto.

The only other Canadian venue selected for the 2026 World Cup was BC Place in Vancouver, scoring an impressive A, with Pushing The Needle praising the stadium's location.

"right downtown. accessible. great city. can access easily on all modes. highly recommend the false creek area its just awesome."

Okay, Vancouver. You win this round.

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Toronto just ranked among the worst stadiums in the 2026 FIFA World Cup

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