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Al Asala Dabke

This Palestinian dance group in Toronto is so popular they performed for Drake

Al Asala Dabke is a Palestinian group that performs a dance called "dabke" at weddings and special events - the Arabic version of breakdancing. 

The dance is high energy and technical, and is performed by members linking their hands together executing advanced footwork techniques. Though the dance is technical, it also allows for each member to bring their own personality and flair into the performance. 

The group started out in 2007, inspired to bring more culture to Middle Eastern weddings.

The dance has since been passed down through several generations onto Al Asala Dabke Group, the current members proudly expressing their Arabic culture in Canada.

The group is made up of students - studying medicine, studying engineering - that come together through the dance group, gaining a distinct sense of unity through their passion of dance and culture. 

Ever since their debut, Al Asala Dabke group has gained a mass following on TikTok, and have even performed for Drake for his birthday. 

Lead photo by

Aaron Navarro

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