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Martha Stewart just accidentally leaked a new Toronto Maple Leafs jersey

Toronto Maple Leafs gear collectors got a big surprise from an unexpected place on Wednesday, when a photo of what appears to be a new team jersey was revealed in the most random of ways.

This never-before-seen jersey wasn't spotted by an avid collector or a sports analyst. There had been no press from the team, either. Instead, the first glimpse came from the Instagram account of a prominent television personality and homemaking/home improvement legend:

Martha freaking Stewart.

The beloved ex-con (I'm never going to let that insider trading thing go) posed in a photo with Canadian recording icon and well-documented Leafs diehard fan Justin Bieber, who was showing off the previously unseen jersey with an arm around Stewart. 

Intended to be a simple 'happy birthday' post for Bieber from Stewart after the two crossed paths for the singer's 28th birthday celebration, the photo immediately had people talking about the partial reveal of this mysterious jersey.

It's a look that doesn't appear anywhere on RealSports' page for official Leafs apparel, so it's still undetermined whether we're looking at a practice jersey or something the buds might soon wear in-game.

A few commenters suggest that the new jersey is what the Leafs will wear in the upcoming Next Gen game, as the next two special edition jerseys have already been announced for the 2022 Heritage Classic outdoor game and the St. Patrick's Day game.

But it's also how we're learning about the new look that has people talking.

If the pairing of Martha Stewart and Biebs seems a bit strange to the casual observer, it's not the first time the two have crossed paths.

Stewart famously blasted the ever-living crap out of Bieber to his face back in 2015 during the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber (but also kind of flirted with him) and their unlikely friendship seems to have persisted.

Hopefully, the Leafs can take a page out of Martha's book and realize that the unintentional leak of the new threads is "a good thing." Otherwise, there might be a "sorry" in the cards from Biebs to the team he loves.

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Martha Stewart

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