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People upset after vaccination requirements lifted for Leafs and Raptors games

After a few months of an empty venue, the Raptors and Maple Leafs can finally play to a crowd in Toronto now that capacity limits have increased.

Although fans are excited to be able to watch a game in person again, people are upset after MLSE lifted vaccination requirements for Leafs and Raptors games late this afternoon.

It was announced earlier this week that capacity limits would be increased starting Feb. 17 as part of the fast-tracked re-opening plan.

In a statement released earlier this week, MLSE mentioned that decisions regarding vaccine mandate protocols would be made with public health officials.

The company has made its decision and has decided to stop checking vaccinations for fans starting Mar.1 when capacity limit restrictions have been lifted.

"...MLSE announced today that it will follow provincial guidance and discontinue the proof of vaccination for fans and personnel in close proximity to playing surfaces," MLSE said in a statement.

This announcement has received some backlash from fans.

Some think that it's too soon, from having no one in the crowd to a full arena.

Others are disappointed that the company chose to stop checking for proof of vaccination.

One person even mentioned how this could be a bad decision on their end.

Someone even wrote that they won't be attending events at MLSE venues anymore.

Although proof of vaccination is not needed for those attending, all employees must be fully vaccinated in order to work at these venues.

"The vaccine mandate will remain in place, however, for the company's full and part-time employees until further notice."

This decision has some fans questioning who this is really benefiting.

While others condemn the company for this decision.

Although proof of vaccination won't be checked, masks are still required to enter the venue.

"As part of each venue's existing health and safety measures, MLSE's 'Mask up or out' mask mandate will remain strictly enforced and the company may impose the proof of vaccine mandate in the future should public health circumstances and direction require it," the company states.

This new requirement won't be affecting the next couple of home games for the Leafs on Feb. 19 and Feb. 24, but these changes will affect the upcoming Raptors games on Mar. 1, Mar. 3, and Mar. 4.

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