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Toronto Raptor Gary Trent Jr. went full robot and fans are laughing out loud

Toronto Raptors guard Gary Trent Jr. is on an unbelievable hot streak that has rapidly evolved from a mere blip on the radar to sudden star status, registering numbers on the court that put him in the company of NBA elites.

Trent Jr. had another standout 30+ point performance vs the Miami Heat on Tuesday night, but on top of the attention he's getting for his stellar contribution on the court, it's what he was doing off the court after that Feb. 1 win that has people talking.

Or, actually, what he wasn't doing.

In a clip going viral on TikTok, Gary Trent Jr.'s robotic lack of movement during a post-game press conference was enough to trip up a remote reporter, who assumed that their screen had just frozen.

But nope. Gary Trent Jr. was just sitting perfectly still, his facial features partially obscured behind some over-the-top sunglasses.

"I think you're frozen there, Jen," a voice off-screen says, as Trent Jr. makes only the subtlest of movements. "No, Gary's just not moving," says another off-screen voice who we can only assume to be Jen.

The exchange was brief, but it was enough to suggest Trent Jr. may actually be a basketball robot who stays perfectly still when not crushing it on the court, like an ambush predator conserving energy before the kill.

The clip continues to generate buzz on TikTok two days after the game, with over 51K likes and more than 430 comments as of Thursday around 1 p.m.

One suggests a simple explanation for GTJr's stoic stillness, saying "Gary's frozen cuz he got ice on his veins ❄️," while another commenter asks "Did they 'Weekend at Bernie's' Gary Trent Jr for this press conference?"

Multiple people are suggesting he might be spending a bit too much time with teammate OG Anunoby, known for his deadpan quiet guy humour.

The Raptors chimed in on the TikTok conversation too, simply stating, "Man didn't move."

Gary Trent Jr. recently became the first player on the Raptors since the famously-robotic Kawhi Leonard to score 30 or more points in four or more consecutive games, a streak that increased to five games on Tuesday.

Now, Gary Trent Jr. can say he has a few things in common with the single-season Raptors great, sharing not just records on the court, but a robotic meme-worthy press conference, too.

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