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Here are the hilarious things people in Toronto think should be Olympic sports

The 2022 Winter Olympics have finally started. Although there have been some mixed feelings over Team Canada's Olympic uniform, there's no doubt that support for the team will be pouring in for the next couple of weeks.

blogTO asked our Twitter followers about Toronto-specific activities that should be considered Olympic sports, and people have been quick to reply with some quirky and very relatable things.

Here are the hilarious things people in Toronto think should be considered Olympic sports.

Some have commented on the TTC.

With the dangers of dodging cars.

While others commented on trying to beat the streetcar.

Others have commented on dodging our city's pests, the pesky pigeons that block everyone's way.

We're just trying to walk through Union Station they don't need to stand in the middle of the hallway.

Don't even get me started on trying to navigate Union Station.

It truly feels like an Olympic sport once you finally find your way from the subway to the GO Train platforms.

Someone even commented about the infamous Mcdonald's on Queen Street West at Spadina Avenue. If you've ever been there, you know exactly what we're talking about.

Now with all of the snow on our streets, it really has become a bit of an obstacle course trying to navigate the city.

People have been trying to avoid the slush and puddles.

While others are climbing snowbanks in order to cross the street.

Not sure if us Torontonians are built to navigate through the snow, because it truly is a struggle.

Let's not forget about the endless construction that lines the streets all year round.

Like how is the Eglington LRT not done yet?

Let's not forget all the potholes on the roads.

With so many quirks in Toronto, I'm surprised we don't have our own Olympic games yet.

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