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Toronto Maple Leafs' Auston Matthews might finally shave his greasy dirt stache

It feels like it could be time for a change with the struggling Toronto Maple Leafs, and there might just be a course correction coming.

No, it isn't a blockbuster trade or the (not real) addition of former Jays' slugger Josh Donaldson, but a longtime mainstay of the franchise could be departing: Auston Matthews' trademark dirt stache could be on the way out next month.

The Leafs' star may have to shave off his distinctive duster as part of his partnership with the 15th annual Movember campaign, launching Nov. 1.

Like last year, Matthews is pledging to go clean-shaven if he can raise $134,000 for the global men's health charity by the end of November.

He fell well short of that goal last year, only raising a little over $66,000, and preserving his unique cross of 1980s used car salesman and high school kid rocking his first facial hairstyle for another season.

But this year he's taking his campaign to the next level with a funny new video offering a tour of his personal "Mo-seum." And it's a delightfully ridiculous way of drumming up support for an important cause.

"Some of you know me as a professional ice hockey player, but most of you know me for my moustache," says Matthews, seeming resigned to this unfortunate but undeniable truth as he walks viewers through what feels like a retro (complete with moustached taxidermy and a Burt Reynolds poster) movie set.

"Help me raise $134K for Movember and I promise I will shave this off, and you will not have to see my stache again," Matthews pauses dramatically, "until next year."

Sigh. Well, a temporary de-dirt-staching is a start.

"For better or for worse, Auston Matthews has one of the most talked-about moustaches in hockey, so we're thrilled to welcome him back for the Movember 2021 campaign," said Todd Minerson, Country Director for Movember Canada.

"We're confident fans across the country will band together this Movember and that - this year - we'll finally be saying goodbye to that notorious lip sweater at the end of the month, and raise some amazing awareness and funds for men's health."

Whether you're a fan of Matthews or you can't stand his moustache/the Leafs, they’re both good reasons to throw down towards the $134K goal.

At worst, you'll have still supported a good cause, and if you're lucky, your donation could be the one that makes #34 have to reach for a #0 clipper guard.

Fans (and haters) can donate and check out Auston Matthews' progress towards an exposed upper lip by visiting

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