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Former Jays hero Josh Donaldson laces up to troll the Leafs and Toronto is loving it

It hasn't been a great few weeks for the Toronto Maple Leafs, a dismal start to the season not the inspiration fans needed after a tragic collapse in last year's playoffs.

But there's hope on the horizon (not really) with a former Toronto sports hero — and one who has actually won multiple playoff series — voicing his ambitions to lace up for the buds.

If you're feeling hopeful, let me stop you right there. Because that sports star is none other than the bringer of rain himself, former Toronto Blue Jays slugger Josh Donaldson, now playing with the Minnesota Twins.

And if there was somehow still any doubt in your mind, let's make it clearer. Josh Donaldson isn't going to pull a Bo Jackson/Deion Sanders and crush it in two different professional sports. Especially not at 35.

But that hasn't stopped fans from reacting to the "news," even if this news was just Josh Donaldson having a little bit of fun at All Pro Source For Sports in Newmarket while taking an apparent break from his live-tweeting the ongoing World Series.

Sure, we've never seen him skate, but fans are already thinking of plenty of applications for his trademark skills at the ballpark.

Some of the responses weren't as encouraging, with one saying Donaldson would be a good fit among the Leafs' culture of choking when the pressure gets tough.

Fans are jumping in on the fun, and using the tweet as a springboard to pile on to the poorly-performing, well-paid Leafs squad.

A handful of people asked the question we all want an answer to, wondering if perhaps the angriest player in the MLB would be willing to get jerseyed for his (prospective) team.

But even if it were true, the Leafs could never afford him anyway.

Our roster may change if things don't turn around, but it's safe to say the bringer of rain won't be bringing it on the ice any time soon.

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