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Roots creates oversized gloves to entice Kawhi Leonard into returning to Toronto

Former Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard broke the hearts of many basketball fans when he announced he was leaving the city to play for the Los Angeles Clippers back in 2019, and last month he jokingly disclosed one of the reasons why he left. 

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Leonard revealed that his abnormally large hands made it difficult to find gloves that fit him during Toronto's frigid winters — a statement that prompted Canadian clothing brand Roots to spring into action and find a solution.

The company tweeted a photo of three different glove sizes Monday, the largest of which appears to be more than double the size of the Large/Extra Large Gloves and is labelled the Kawhi Leonard/Fun Guy size. 

"Hey @kawhileonard, we heard you couldn't find the right size gloves while you were here in Toronto," they wrote. "If you ever come back to Canada, we've got you covered!"

While Leonard's hands have long been known to be above average in size, the whole glove discussion began when Kimmel asked how much of his basketball success he actually attributes to them during the virtual interview on Dec. 17.

In response, Leonard explained that his hands have been extremely large since he was born and that he probably gets it from his dad, though he said they sometimes present challenges and prevent him from doing certain activities. 

For instance, Leonard said he's not always able to fit his hands inside his own pockets. 

"Is that why you left Toronto, because your hands were cold?" asked Kimmel in response to this comment. 

"Man, I couldn't find gloves to fit me," quipped Leonard in return.

But while Roots may have solved Leonard's glove problem, that doesn't mean he'll be returning to the Toronto Raptors anytime soon — especially considering their extremely disappointing start to the season.

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