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Drake has a LEGO version of his Toronto mansion and it's amazing

Drake has revealed a LEGO version of his multi-million dollar Toronto mansion (aka "The Embassy") and people are obsessed. 

The nostalgia of playing with LEGO is so universal, turns out even celebrities have their go at it once in a while. 

The Toronto artist is known, among other things, for his mega-mansion, located in Toronto's luxurious Bridle Path neighbourhood. The toy replica is rather detailed, including his pool, cars and landscaping.

While it's unclear whether or not Drake built the set himself, he did post a photo of it to his Instagram story earlier today.

Of course, this triggered an outpouring of tweets from Drake and LEGO fans alike. 

After the Toronto artist released a $100 candle earlier this month, who's to say a LEGO set isn't in the future? Let's just hope that no one stepped on one of the many pieces it took to build this masterpiece. 

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