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The 10 most popular rides at Canada's Wonderland right now

The rides at Canada's Wonderland are a great way to spend the day, if you have the patience for waiting in lengthy lineups for a few seconds of absolute thrills. 

Because of this, you have to plan your day accordingly — especially if you want to get all the most popular coasters in. 

Judging by the lineups and the WOW-factor, here are the most popular rides at Canada's Wonderland right now. 


Canada's tallest and fastest coaster earns a spot on this list purely because, well, the specs are impressive. Hold on to your life lunch as you're dropped from 306 feet at an 80-degree angle and travel at speeds reaching 148 km/hour. 

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This is the ride for big kids, or at least it's the ride that signified you had finally reached "big kid" status. Take in the sights as this coaster takes you up 230 feet and then promptly hold on for dear life as the ride drops you down at a 75-degree angle, at up to 125 km/hour. 

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New this year is this dual swinging pendulum ride that takes you through full 360-degree loops, with inversions up to 75 feet high. If you don't like being upside down, this is not the ride for you. 

The Bat

A longstanding favourite of thrill seekers everywhere is this super fast coaster that takes you in all directions when you really, really don't expect it. You may only be travelling at 75 km/hour, but it's always jarring when the coaster operator drops you backwards before the countdown is complete. 

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Flight Deck

Formerly known as Top Gun, this was Canada's first inverted coaster when it opened in 1995 and continues to be a fan favourite today. Dangle your feet as the ride simulates the feeling of flying an F-14 fighter jet, just be sure to get rid of those flip flops before you hop on. 

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Backlot Stunt Coaster

You may be in this line for over an hour thinking, why am I waiting to pretend drive a Mini Cooper, but once you hop in the leathery and sweaty seats and are launched forward with a startling amount of power it'll all be worth it. This one is the only launch style coaster in the park and actually used to be called The Italian Job.

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Timberwolf Falls

While not a ride for the ultimate thrill seekers, this coaster that leaves you sopping wet is jam-packed on a hot summers' day: the entire park wants in. It first opened in 1989 and has been cooling off hot (and grumpy) customers since then. 

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Ah, Wonder Mountain. Where else are you going to get a fantasy adventure and a coaster all in one without going to Florida? This is a suspended roller coaster where riders are taken through mountain, dropped at high speeds and barely missing the body of water below — perfect if you don't want to get soaked at Timberwolf. 

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Wild Beast

This wooden coaster may be old, but it's still got kick — and a consistent lineup to boot. Zoom along this rickety old beast as you fear for your life because, hey, you don't need to have all these fancy dips and loop-de-loops to actually fear for your health and safety. 

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Night Mares

This terrifying ride is especially not for the faint of heart: find all the teenage speedsters lined up here. There are no seat belts or restraint systems, so riders have to hold on tight while standing up and trust that they won't defy gravity while they're tilted 90-degrees and lifted 49 feet through endless loops. 

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