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The top 10 meditation centres in Toronto

Meditation centres in Toronto can help you find a moment of zen in the city, which can feel like a luxury. But as the popularity of meditation grows, centres continue to open up. No two studios are alike. Some are geared toward tech lovers, others are made to be photographed, and some are rooted in simplicity and tradition. 

Here are my picks for the top meditation centres in Toronto.


King West's Hoame feels like you're going home after a long day. It's the city's leading spot for meditation with two rooms, a light and a dark one. While you're there, hit up the salt cave, and take the Rise class, which brings a new level of movement to your body with a high-intensity meditation class.

The Quiet Company

Taking a moment to get quiet in the city is even easier with this relaxing studio on King West. The studio helps you find your quiet with drop-in guided meditation classes and workshops that help you focus your energy and quiet your mind.

889 Yoga

889 is a mini oasis in the city. Along with its yoga classes, it offers two meditation classes: The Healing and The Meditation. The healing class is an hour-long practice that combines Reiki with meditation. The Meditation is a grounding class with distinct meditation techniques.

Mindset Brain Gym

Mindset Brain Gym is meditation for the person who enjoys tracking their brainwaves, as it uses the Muse brainwave sensing technology to track how calm or busy your mind is during the session. Right in Yorkville, Mindset offers two beautiful, spacious relaxation lounges where you can hang out before or after class.

Soul 7

Soul 7 in Yorkville takes its meditation seriously with psychedelic meditation pods that induce a deep meditative state. In a 45-minute session, your senses are engaged by acoustic sounds and audio-visual entertainment designed to calm the central nervous system, help you sleep, and calm anxiety.

Good Space

This charming Parkdale space has yoga, events, and workshops rooted in mindfulness and meditation. The Still class will guide you through a meditation practice that is suitable for everyone. You can also take a move and meditation class which combines yoga flow with an extended savasana/meditation.

 The Consciousness Explorer's Club

CEC is a community meditation club that gathers every Monday night. Led by acclaimed meditation teacher, Jeff Warren, the Monday Night Sits are guided meditations that focus on patience, mind and breath, and creativity. 

Hridaya Yoga 

Located above the Geologic crystal and rock store, Hridaya is a spiritual space led by Yogini Mangala Anshumati. The weekly meditation classes are rooted in the ancient traditions of meditation.

Shambhala Meditation Centre

The centre focuses on the teachings of Shambhala Buddhism, an ancient practice of self-discovery. Group meditation is offered three times a week. The centre offers a three-hour intro class once a month, and regular public talks. 

Meditation Toronto

While not a physical meditation spot, the website has an archive of meditation tools like videos, online meditation courses, and more . It also curates all the meditation events and classes in the city.

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Hector Vasquez at Hoame

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