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The Quiet Company

The Quiet Company is one of Toronto’s first modern meditation studios. There's no denying that meditation studios like this are having their moment as the demand for wellness continues to climb.

Located in the hyperactive, busy area near King and Portland, The Quiet Company helps you find your quiet with a range of drop-in guided meditation, movement classes and workshops with the intention to focus your energy and quiet your mind.

quiet company torontoThe classes range from 15, 30 and 60-minute sessions. They offer juicy, slow movement evening classes on Sunday that melt the Sunday night anxiety.

Emily Thring started The Quiet Company by launching weekly pop-up meditation classes in 2017. As word spread and demand grew, Thring, a seasoned meditation and Pilates teacher, knew it was time to take her meditation community to a real building.

quiet company torontoThe idea was inspired by the growing popularity of other meditation studios like MNDFL in New York and Unplug in L.A. Thring says there’s a definite shift in the conversation when people talk about meditation.

No longer is it in hushed tones or within a niche community. The popularity allows for more people to participate in the self-care aspect of meditation.

quiet company torontoYou don’t need to wear anything specific or special to meditate. You come as you are. That can mean stressed out, anxious or energetic. You don’t need to be in a stress-free state to meditate. You just need to be willing.

quiet company torontoSome days, your brain will have a hard time shutting off. But that’s not the point, says Thring. The point of meditating is to gain awareness of your thoughts and watch them as they come in. The more you meditate, the better you get at letting go of the rushed thoughts.

quiet company torontoThe Quiet Company also stands by its Canadian roots, selling only Canadian-made brands, like T-shirts from Kotn and artwork by Jason Logan of the Toronto Ink Company.

quiet company torontoThe studio sells ritual kits with things like mala beads, sage and palo santo, starting at $16 and bath soaks from Gold Apothecary.

quiet company torontoWhen you first walk into the minimalist studio space, you instantly feel a sense of calm wash over you. There’s a small reception area before you enter the sitting area where a big Fika plant takes centre stage.

quiet company torontoThere are cushions and ergonomic chairs seated on a vintage Moroccan rug from Mellah in Dufferin Grove. This is where the magic happens.

quiet company torontoThe Quiet Company is cozy and comforting. I find it's a space where I go with the intention to get in and get out, and yet, always end up staying longer than I intended to because the cushion offers comfort and makes me aware that I was in a rush for no reason.

quiet company torontoThe classes are rooted in traditional mindfulness that connect you to your breath. So the classes are categorized to help you find Intention, find Your Heart and find Mindfulness.

Each class is guided by a different kind of breathing exercise. Find Your Heart, for example, is all about self-love and compassion.

quiet company torontoMeditation, ultimately, is like taking a mental break. “People say the way they feel at the end is restored and connected to themselves,” says Thring. “It feels like you just took a nap.”

quiet company toronto15-minute drop in meditation classes are just $10. Unlimited classes are $165/month, a five class pass is $88, or try out the intro offer with three weeks of unlimited classes for $45.

quiet company toronto

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